Tips For Saving Your Paint Brushes

I have been doing a lot of painting lately and I will say I am pretty lazy when it comes to clean up and being lazy when painting can be costly! So I have been noting and pinning these techniques on how to clean paint brushes on Pinterest and thought I would share them with you fine people so maybe we can all save some cash. 

First you must properly clean your brushes. Better Homes and Gardens suggest using a solution of 1/2 cup liquid fabric softener to 1 gallon of warm water for about 15 minutes.

How to clean paint brushes.

This tip suggest soaking them in vinegar for 30 minutes...
Love this tip (soak old paintbrush in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and good as new).

You should also thoroughly clean all the paint off of the brush by using an old golf club brush or a wide tooth comb. But be sure not to bend the bristles! 

After you get them all clean, BH&G also suggests wrapping them in craft paper like so...
How to store paint brushes.
I'm not entirely sure why but my guess is to protect the bristles. 

Another creative storage idea is to use a wire and hang them from the handle in an way so they won't get damaged. 
Hang brushes on a rod or wire

Or by a magnetic strip...
Paint Brush Rack

Now let's see if I actually DO any of this stuff!

Fun Tip O' The Day: I once had a contractor tell me that if you are in the middle of painting but need to let the paint to dry overnight, you can freeze your paint brush. Then take the paint brush out the next day and let it thaw out and you can continue to use it. Now I have not tried it but I am dying to know if it works....has anyone out there tried this??? Let me know! 


Oscar Recap

Sorry for being MIA. Dang, kidney stones. They are not fun. Did y'all watch The Oscars? I am movie obsessed and use to watch every Oscar nominated movie and I use to have Oscar themed parties. This year, I think I only saw one of the movies nominated. Hating that! Being busy is good but I do miss the old Sidney. She would have made these for the event...

Super happy for Octavia Spencer! Well deserved. 

Thought this quote was funny "Didn't we create a foreign film category to prevent sweeps like this?"-Seth Rogan talking about The Artist winning everything. 
via euronews.net

I also just want to mention how cool and confident I think this gal is. She doesn't try too be cool, smart or witty, she just is. Love her! 

So my tie for the real winners, in fashion that is, are Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Tina Fey rocked it! She just keeps getting better looking and most people will probably say that is because she is making more money but I think it is because she is more confident. 

Speaking of funny ladies, I actually really liked Kristen Wiig's look because I think she looked authentically herself. And I really like the Bohemian look.

Gwyneth is just well, Gwyneth.  

I was disappointed by Jessica Chastain's dress. I really wanted to see her in a color. She's so gorgeous and it was just too distracting for me. But then again there is not an ornate bone in my body so I am probably biased. 

And I might be the only one that didn't like Michelle Williams' ensemble. I am just really over her hairstyle. And I can't stand thicker necklaces that cut the neck like that. (Cameron Diaz had on one too which probably means they are the new thing.) Nor did I like the bow broach...too cutsie. The color was amazing on her on her though!

Bradley Cooper looked like a 70's porn star but somehow he totally pulled it off. 

There you have it, my very opinionated personal opinion whether you wanted it or not!


The Round Mirror

I have a client who told me her one dealbreaker was a round mirror because it was too nautical looking. Um, here are some of my "pins" on Pinterest...



reclaimed wood mirror

living room / dining room

more white light

Love all the details

pink grasscloth

Haha. I promised her I would not put a round mirror in her home. No matter how much I want to! 


The White House

In honor of President's Day, let's look at some rooms of the White House throughout time.

Yellow Oval Room

The Green Room

The Lincoln Bedroom
(During Kennedy administration)

Master Bedroom
(I think this was during Kennedy's administration. Note the hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper!)


Nancy Regan's Office (she refurbished existing furniture!)

I could be wrong but this looks like the same room redecorated by each first lady.

Eco Deco Paint posted about this great link where you can tour the transformation of the White House over time during the various administrations through many renovations and many redecorations. Check it out!


This Week I...

Am either suffering from kidney stones or a strained back. Either way due to the drugs the doc gave me I have felt like Bernie all week...

I have tried to work here and there but pretty much been wiped out. I'm praying it is just back strain because I hear passing a kidney stone is worse than childbirth. Y'all remember that episode of Friends when Joey was in the hospital room next to Phoebe when she was having triplets and he was louder than she was? Aye, aye, aye! 

It is SEWE (Southeastern Wildlife Expo) this weekend. I sure hope I can make it to some of the events as it is one of my favorite times of the year in Charleston. 

Have a great weekend!

Are you looking to hire an interior designer in the Charleston, Mt. Pleasant or East Cooper area? Email sidney@eclectic-idg.com for more information on interior design services. And if you are not local, Eclectic Interior Design Group also offers an e-decorating service that is great for working with clients from a distance. 


Classic Julia Rant

"No, I mean it! Not even for $100,000! I will decorate a green house, a hen house, a dog house. I will even decorate an outhouse but I will not decorate a whore house!" -Julia Sugarbaker

I have been dvr'ing Designing Women and watched a bunch while I was sick. Man is that show good! And many of the plot lines still hold up. So I had to share this classic Julia rant with y'all. Do you have one you want to share? 

Are you looking to hire an interior designer in the Charleston, Mt. Pleasant or East Cooper area? Email sidney@eclectic-idg.com for more information on interior design services. And if you are not local, Eclectic Interior Design Group also offers an e-decorating service that is great for working with clients from a distance. 


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! 
valentine's day party!
via Pinterest



I watched Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston this weekend. Have you seen it? The documentary on the fashion designer. I've always been a huge fan of his as he defines my personal style (or I should say I try to emulate his aesthetic) modern, simple and yet really sexy and feminine. And I am OBSESSED with 70's fashion, always have been. Honestly, I think mainly because the styles just work well with my body type, many of which he created...dolman sleeves, caftans, shirtdress, halter tie dresses...and I love to wear solid colors because they read as classic and timeless. He was absolutely genius in my opinion.

Liza Minnelli (his bff) tells a story of when she bought an apartment and didn't know what to do with it and he told her to go ahead to Tahoe and he would decorate it while she was gone. Well it made the cover of Architectural Digest. Yeah. Kinda helps when  you can call on your good friend Andy Warhol to whip up a painting for you! 

Speaking of homes, here are some images of Halston's home designed by famed architect Paul Rudolph. 

I'm thinking some crazyass parties happened in this place!

Halston was a visionary when it came to licensing as well. He had a carpeting deal, luggage deal, and candle deal just to name a few. He even designed the Olympic uniforms! He also developed a perfume line in which he created the tear shaped bottle with no words on the bottle which became his signature. His ads even had no words. Some say it was because he couldn't come up with the words he wanted to use but I think it was totally genius. 

Here are some amazing Halston sketches...

Total works of art. 

It was worth watching if you are at all interested in him or fashion or the 70's. 


This Week I...

Put the final touches on the kitchen reno. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

I think I like leaving all the mess in the pics so when I get the final pics for my portfolio they will look that much better!

I would like to publicly complain to the makers of this Sharp microwave drawer for putting an extremely large sticker on the door that took an hour of phone calls to retail store, the distributor and the manufacturer + Goo-Gone, a hair dryer, two fingers nails and another hour of my life (along with the contractor's life) to come off. Ridiculous. You owe me a manicure. Who said being an interior designer was fun and glamorous? 

It came off in teeny, tiny painful pieces. I curse you Sharp. I curse you and the corporate big whigs that decided to save .00001 cent on a cheap sticker. 

I had to take my car into the shop so my dad came up to help me do some work stuff. He brought me my favorite flower for an early Valentine's Day present.
[I'll pause for the awww's.]

And look what else he brought me...
He made it out of driftwood he found in the marsh outside their house. 
He's quite talented! 

And speaking of my talented parents....here is a clip of my mom on the news for the Beaufort County Special Needs and Disabilities new facility. We are quite proud of her!

Alright, it has been a CRAZY week. Lots of EXCITING things going on that I will be able to tell you about REAL soon! Until then, have a great weekend! 

I'm excited to go see these guys in concert...

This pic makes me real happy....

As does this one...

And this one a lil' bit more...

Ok, ok, must get back to work.

[No idea what is going on with the center alignment not working!]