Design Crush: Amy Lau

As I mentioned yesterday, my latest design crush is Amy Lau. I was unfamiliar with her by name but once I started flipping through her book, I immediately recognized her work from shelter magazines. Here are some hot points from her bio: she worked under Thomas O'Brien, she studied at the Soetheby's graduate program in New York, she's been in a zillion magazines and she has a zillion product lines including a limited-edition line for Showtime inspired by the show Dexter. Amy clearly specializes in Mid-Century Modernism as you will see when we take a look at her portfolio....now. 

I love the mix of modern and natural. Hard to pull off but she does it well. 

To see more of her work click here or buy her book!


Stop The Madness

I am totally obsessed with Pinterest [I couldn't get on there for a few weeks because I was just too busy and a few of my friends called to see if I was ok because I had not been Pinning! lol] I told myself I wouldn't buy any more design books and I need to start weeding out the ones I have. Well...apparently I have a full-on addiction because I can't stop buying design books! Seriously, I might need rehab. I went to return a book at Barnes & Nobel that I bought as a Christmas gift but found out the person already had it and their return policy is that you have to exchange it for the same amount or greater. Well....guess what I did.

So meet my new friends/enablers...

These first two are great for homeowners as they aren't just visual, they are "teaching" give you many how-to's and case-in-points.

We are going to talk more about her later. And I don't mean that in the Mean Girls kinda way. She is my latest Design Crush!  

I have to admit I was drawn in by their colorful spines...

I do love you Pinterest and I think creators,  former venture capital analyst Paul Sciarra and Ben Silbermann, a former Google advertising product specialist, are BLEEPING brilliant! But I can't seem to let go of beautiful, hardback decorating books! I like looking at them and using them in decor. They are all over my house! [Cut to the scene from my Hoarders episode.]

Are you following me on Pinterest? Search for me! Maybe it will encourage me to stop the madness knowing I have people relying on me for my Pins. 


This Week I...

Saw some progress on the kitchen reno. Electrical rough-in, cabinets installed, flooring patched and stained...

Check out the cute cabinet installer posing for the camera! 

Here is the new construction I've been working on...we actually did drywall this week but I just found this photo on my phone so I thought I would share it.

I also finally got to go to Wren (which I talked about here) while in Beaufort visiting my parents at Christmas. Check out what I ordered...
Seafood Mac n' Cheese! It was as good as it looks and I didn't feel an ounce of guilt for eating it. Look at the big ass baked potato my mom got...
You can barely see it under all the fried onion rings. This place ain't for quitters.

I really liked the decor. A LOT. Check out how they had jute rugs hanging as room dividers.

Speaking of hanging stuff....
[No, I haven't hung (hanged?) myself yet for those of you who follow me on Facebook. But I'm getting close with that kitchen reno mentioned above!]

I finally hung the burlap drapes over at my booth! Please stop by and take a look...lots of good things for sale at Southern Accents.

Sometimes you have to improvise while on the job. I didn't have a straight edge so my client's kid's Peter Pan book had to do...

So this weekend I'm going to the Mac n' at the Drome, a  benefit concert for Mac Leaphart who is recovering from a brain tumor. Terrible. If you are local, please go and help this talented musician out while listening to some great music! 

Have a great weekend y'all! 


Westbrook Design Studio

Check out the office space of interior designer, Barbra Westbrook, via Atlanta Homes Magazine. How amazing to have an entire bungalow as your office space! For more of her portfolio click here.


House Beautiful February 2012

I was so excited to see that the work of Lindsey Coral Harper made the cover of House Beautiful February 2012! I know I have shamelessly dropped her name before (her sister and my sister-in-law are bff's). We have never met but since we both are interior designers and both went to University of Georgia I hear about her career and accomplishments all the time as if we are living parallel lives (bhaaa, no comparison)....her career is moving at a breaking speed! And I am so happy for her! If you aren't familiar with her yet, well shame on you! I demand you to go look at her website immediately.  

I love the Charlotte home she designed that is featured in House Beautiful so let's take a closer look...

And click here for more details from Lindsey about the project. Bravo girl! 


Catching Up...

Oh my goodness it has been a while! Well....so the holidays came and yada, yada. Then I went to Atlanta for market. Saw lots of pretty things...

While at market we went to hear Emily Henderson speak. My friend and I were such dorks...we were the first ones there! lol But Emily sat down with us and said "Please make friends with me because if we are friends I won't be as nervous!" So we did. She is ADORABLE!!! I mean really, really ADORABLE! Now what isn't adorable is this pic of me but what can you do...

That's my friend Lauren on the left. 

Emily told us to call her while we are in L.A. and she would take us to all the thrift shops she knows of out there. I don't think she realizes that we really will call her! And maybe sleep on her couch.

While in The ATL I went to Scotts (for those of you not familiar it is a huge flea market that is open the second weekend of every month).  The outside is my favorite part because it has the best deals. Well unfortunately it was like 30 degrees while I was there and I wasn't dressed for it so I (literally) put on all the clothes I packed. Remember that episode of Friends where Joey puts on all of Chandler's clothes? That is what I looked like. Here are some things I saw (many of which came home with me!)

Funny story on this bowl...my friend and I both go "Woah, I've never seen anything like this!" (because it was in a booth full of hand-made stuff). Then looked up to see four more just like it. We died laughing. Yep, one-of-a-kind! 

And I want you to meet my new friend, Bob. Bob is awesomness defined. He is witty and helpful and has this adorable wife Dorothy...I heart both of them. 

Bob even stayed an hour late to help Lauren and I pack up our cars! See...

I told him there was no way he could do it and I think he just wanted to prove me wrong! 

While at Scotts, I also found out my bank has a daily limit on ATM withdrawls. Who knew? Guess it is a protection feature in case someone stole my card and since I was in a different state maybe the bank was suspicious. No, it was just me overspending.

So what else have I been up to? Oh yeah, just being the chairperson for a black-tie event for 300 people. No big deal. I have plenty of spare time! It was this past weekend and I am beyond ecstatic that it is OVER! But was SOOO much fun! And we raised a lot of money for local breast cancer patients (the charity is SOS) which is the important thing but it was my swan song. I will post pics when I get the CD from the photographer but here is one to make you giggle...the name of the event is Black&White (started because the statistics of breast cancer are black and white) but we had the band Yacht Rock and the event was at a venue on the Harbor and we also did a nautical theme sooo I had a backdrop printed for a photographer to take photos like you were standing on the boat and had a bunch of silly props. Everyone got really into it which totally made my night! People were doing the "King of the World" from Titanic, and pretending to jump, puke (and pee) off the edge...it was hysterical! 

This is me and my great friend, Mason, who helped me plan the event. I could not have done it without her! I heart her more than words (cue the song).

And until I have more pics here is a feature that Charleston Magazine did on the event.

And I've had lots of client work going on which I will update you on later as I'm excited about the progress on all these projects!!!

And I have been busy working on another BIG thing that I can't quite tell you about just yet but I will very soon so stay tuned my friends! 

Maybe now you understand why I've been MIA! But I hope to be back in some sort of regular posting routine. I've missed you so! xoxo