Bluffton, SC

My dad and I have a tradition of going to Savannah, Georgia around Christmas to do some shopping and to eat lunch. But this year we decided to go to Bluffton, South Carolina instead since neither of us had ever been. My mom came with us and acted as our tour guide because she had been a time or two while on  business. It is a cute lil' town filled with artsy stuff like galleries, pottery shops, antique and home stores and old school markets. 

We ate lunch at Cahill's Market. A combo restaurant, farm and fresh market.

They had these cool sliding barn doors...

Pardon the iPhone pics from the moving car...

I bought this gem at Eggs 'n Tricities, a quirky shop that has personality (that's putting it mildly), I can't wait till you see what I'm gonna do with it!!!

They were gearing up for a fish fry and I was bummed we had to go back to Beaufort! This Tavern was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen and I imagine it has colorful characters that frequent it. 

I feel in love with this church we stumbled upon by the river, The Church of the Cross. Take a look at how beautiful it is! I understand it dates back to 1857.

They were decorating for Christmas when we drove by...

And did I mention it is on the river and has incredible views?
I wonder if you can come by boat? Now, that's my kind of religion!

If anyone has any info on Bluffton or knows anywhere else I need to go on my next trip, please leave a comment! 


Christmas Vacation

We'll I'm off on my Christmas Vacation...all two days of it. Ba-humbug. Guess I'm spoiled as I usually take off between Christmas and New Year's but I can't this year. Not complaining! Super glad to have the work...just wish I could be with all my family to celebrate the holiday. 
[sniff sniff]

And FYI, I might be sporadic with blogging until the new year...bare with me...I heart you. I'm knee deep in work and planning a charity event and I can barely keep my head above water so I just have to prioritize. It kills me...I love writing in my blog! 

Hope everyone has a safe and blessed Christmas! 


Curb Appeal

Yet another post talking about what I'm getting for Christmas. Just so you know, I sponsored a child and all I asked for for Christmas was a donation in my name to Charleston Elves, an organization a friend of mine started, so I am not a selfish person, promise! Now back to me. My dad is a landscape architect as I've mentioned many times before and I also have a contractor friend who owes me a favor soooo.....I'm taking advantage of both and getting some curb appeal for Christmas! Rebuilding my front porch with ipe, adding some much needed architectural detail, new windows, paint and most importantly...landscaping! I'm not sure who is more excited, me or my neighbors!?! Here is a lil' teaser as to what it will look like. I promise to show you a before and after when it is all said and done! 

Dad is coming today with his elves to do the landscaping! Yippee! My place will no longer look abandoned. 



I don't love baking. Why? Because I am not any good at it. I finally watched Bridesmaids this weekend [OMG still laughing...seriously I break out into spontaneous laughter at some of the scenes as I replay them in my head!] and I was watching her make that floral cupcake....never. I would never do that. But I SO appreciate the art form. And I appreciate that I can buy items like that from someone else who makes them! 

Here are some holiday inspired baking ideas bia Pinterest that I may (or may not) attempt this Christmas...

I heart creative people.


Merry Christmas To Me!

I am not Catholic. But I often joke about needing to go to confession because I have guilt about everything! I don't know what that says about me?!?!? It's ridiculous. My friends tease me. [I hope I didn't offend any Catholics there....I was just trying to be funny! See, I already feel guilty about that comment! lol] Anyway, so I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday buying some Christmas presents and just happen to accidentally pick up a few things for myself. Do I feel guilty about it? You bet! 

So this is what I will be doing Christmas morn....

And since I still have not had time to read my signed copies of these...

Merry Christmas to me!

P.S. I must say I was pleased to see how many people were at the Barnes & Noble buying actual books. Good to know they aren't a dying art. 


Christmas with the Crew

I have mentioned before my obsession with all things J. Crew. I especially love the photography....classic and timeless. Seriously, take a look at all these photos and try to tell me if they are from current catalogs or not. I dare you. Double dog dare you.

J. Crew

JCrew Holiday 09

 Does anyone know what the "J" in J. Crew stands for?

Google told me that the man that invented the company in 1983 loved to row and then just picked a letter that looked good in front of it. I was hoping for more. He should have made something up Cliff Clavin style.


This Week I...

I actually started this last week but then my modem quit on me. Hence the start of the lack of posts.

Attended the Preview Party at Eco Deco, a new eco-friendly paint line, debuting their new designer collection. This is me with my friend and sales rep, Tracy Blanchard...call her if you are interested in their product! I will be posting more about it soon!
I look really drunk but I only had one glass of wine. Promise.

Watched the Downtown Charleston Christmas Parade. Typically my favorite part is mocking all the random parade entries like "The Illustrious whomever" or  the "Miss Runner-Up Charleston County Second Grade Class Beauty." But this year I had the most fun watching the kids watch the parade (in the non-creepy way that that sounded)...

Decked the Halls at a client's home...

Not great pics.

Finalized tile and countertop selections for a client. Here is a sneak peek..

My dad came into town to help me with a few things, I don't care how old you are, sometime you just need your dad! We took a lunch break on Shem Creek...I literally got a sunburn and it was December 9th. 

Added stuff to my booth over at Southern Accents...

Not sure if you heard this but Charleston, SC was voted The Most Attractive City by Travel + Leisure
We are racking up quite a list of accomplishments!

Have a great weekend!
I'm in denial that Christmas is rapidly approaching. TOTAL denial. 


Happy Birthday Bro!

I just wanted to wish my much older brother HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! I hate that we don't live closer so we could spend more time together. He is such a great father to these three amazing boys...I wish I could see it on a regular basis. Not only is he the managing partner of his law firm but he coaches all three of their baseball teams and shows up for all of their numerous activities...Lord knows how he finds the time! 

Still a kid at heart! Love it.

Love you bro! xoxo


I'm Sorry....

No, I'm not breaking up with you. I'm just super busy and it dawned on me that I haven't posted in a while! And I wanted you to know that it's not you, it's me. I just need a little break...some time to focus on my work. I think this time apart will only bring us closer. Then maybe after things calm down, we can reunite and rekindle our love of design. Until then, perhaps you can reread some of my old posts and share in some of our wonderful memories together. Cue the cheesy romantic movie montage music....



I'm obsessed with boxwood! I just bought a wreath for my front door. Boxwood shrubs are being installed in my front yard very soon. And I'm about to buy spheres for the planters on my front porch (post Christmas). I said I was obsessed, didn't I?

boxwood wreaths

boxwood wreaths

Why do I love round stuff so much???


For the monogram folks...
Boxwood Letter

boxwood 3

I just die for this...
B. Braithwaite shop in The ATL

No clue but I want to go there....

Come on, I had to!


Best Laid Plans

When I started my blog, I did it with the intention of showing design students (or potential designers) what the design industry was like day-to-day. I wanted to provide insight on the "real" in's and out's of interior design like client case-in-points and images of what I do during the week in the post "This Week I." Admittedly, I don't always follow through on this as I originally intended. While out in a showroom, I forget to take photos of what I am spec'ing. While in a client's home, I forget to take photos of the "after." While putting together selections, I forget to take photos of the concept board. You get the idea! I just get busy and regret/feel guilty that I don't show you more! But I wanted you to know what my intentions were (are). 

Well, today I am going to show you something real. Something real, raw and dirty...the real, raw and dirty side of interior design. 

I love my job. I really, really do! But some days are tough. Today was a really tough day. I won't go into specifics but in this job you work with lots of different people, you rely on lots of diffident people and you need lots of different people in order for your job to work. Some days things go well and some days they don't. Today just all around sucked. There I said it. 

When I came home I didn't know which I wanted...

So I had both.

For dinner.

Then I did a little of this...
to my poor friend that answered her phone. 
(Not at her, just to her.)

And then I had a good cry. Kinda like this...

So to those of you out there contemplating going into interior design...yes, it is "fun" (at times) but mostly it is very stressful and exhausting and a lot of hard work and your brain never shuts down. No, it is not brain surgery. But it is a lot more than just "playing around with color swatches." I just want to be upfront about that.

Not every day.

So give it to me Scarlet...

If you can survive war, Yankees, hunger and birthin' babies, then I can survive today.