Let's Bounce

"You know how everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor or good taste or that they are a good driver?" -Buddy (Bounce) 

That is one of my favorite move quotes because it is so so true! I mean we can't alllll have a good sense of humor, good taste and be good drivers, right? I think about it often. Especially while driving.

Ok, I am have been super busy this week so just going to show you some great design images to give some "bounce" to your Wednesday. See what I did there? Bounce? Yeah, that's right.

 Doesn't this make you want to go snatch up a $5 flea market Bentwood chair and spray paint it immediately? Genius. 


Design Crush: Daniel Faires

I have an all-around crush on Daniel Faires, furniture designer and interior designer and former contestant on HGTV's Design Star. He is cute and Southern and a talented carpenter....who doesn't love a handy man, right? He has been with his wife for 11 years...they went to the Homecoming dance together (pause for the "awe's"). She works in fashion and is equally adorable. The New York Times did a feature on their stylish 375 sq ft apartment (oy vey!...I don't think I can pull that off.) check it out here.

The chalkboard wall is for guests and friends to leave a comment, note, etc. Cute idea!

Daniel makes some stuff for Emily's show Secrets from a Stylist...

Like this reclaimed wood coffee table...

He also makes and sells his own furniture, called Capsule, named from the glass capsule tucked inside each piece containing observations on the wood’s history. You can check out his creations here.

He says he gets a lot of his materials from around his hood....

He also has a blog.

Are you crushin' on him now too? I wish him lots of success!


Irk-Some Design Words

There are several words used regularly in the design industry that I just don't like. No, I don't like them at all. I will share them with you immediately

Yes, it can mean "original" or "unconventional" or even "eccentric" which I think can be a good thing in design. But it can also mean "having a moldy or musty smell" or "having a strong, offensive or unwashed odor." (i.e. your gym shoes smell funky as does rotten meat) I just don't like this word.

This word pretty much means "fanciful" or "playful" which is all well and good, I suppose, if you are designing a child's room or perhaps a Fun House. However, I just don't think of those feelings when I am decorating a client's home.  

It means "combining elements from a variety of sources or styles." I don't like it because it is just WAY over-used. It is one of those design terms that people use when they don't know what else to call the time period or design style they are referencing. Yes, I realize this is the name of my company. 

[Ya know...let me expand on that...I DO like the word for many reasons, obviously or else it would not be the name of my business! So let me explain why I DO like it. I like the word itself, visually, I think it looks good written (although spelling it ten times a day is annoying! P.S. while we're at it....no, it's not "electric" and there are no "g's" in "eclectic" I'm just sayin'). And I like what it stands for meaning I do like what the word actually means and it really does define my overall design aesthetic. Just wanted to clarify that and why it IS the name of my business. Plus, I want to have a shop one day and I think it will make a cool name.]

Now it is not to say that these words have never come out of my mouth or fingers since I blog. But they do irk me! And where not to voice my opinions than my written soapbox. Lucky you! Are there any design terms that irk you?


I'm Thankful...

I might whine when I get too busy but I'm very THANKFUL that people pay me to design their homes.

I might roll my eyes when they continue to "parent" me but I'm THANKFUL to have amazing and supportive parents.

I might dream of new countertops and appliances but I'm THANKFUL to have a roof over my head.

I might joke about wishing I had a niece to play with but I'm very THANKFUL to be an aunt to three of the best nephews a girl could ever ask for! 

I might complain about the heat and humidity in mid-August but I'm THANKFUL to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! 

I might need "Sidney" time every now and again but I'm THANKFUL to have great friends to spend time with when I don't!  xoxo

I might wish for a new wardrobe but I'm THANKFUL to have clothes on to keep me warm. 

I might gripe about my weight and/or physical flaws but I am THANKFUL to be healthy.

Sometimes we need to put things in perspective, don't we?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm taking some much needed time off....be back in a few days.


This Week I...

Finally spent some QT (quality time) on Etsy. Rut-ro. I went looking for one thing and about three hours and several hundred dollars later I had to logout. I didn't realize how much vintage stuff was on there! But my unique finds will be showing up in projects and in my booth over the next few months (like). Here is a sampling...

Received a photo of a client's finished vanity...I need to mention that I helped her with all the selections and designed the custom vanity but I was not on-site for the reno. It kills me where the sconces/mirrors are placed. Argh. Regardless...this bathroom is AMAZEBALLS (to quote Guiliana)! 

Speaking of AMAZEBALLS, check out how good these floors look in my client's new house...

Remember we were selecting the stain a few weeks ago?
Yeah, we picked the right one!

I can't for the life of me remember what design thing I was searching for when this photo popped up but I just had to save it and share it with you fine people...
I mean WTF???

Was in the Charleston Mercury (local paper) for the Design Sponge book signing event I told you about. 

Marked a bunch of stuff down in my booth over at Southern Accents. I am making room for LOTS of new additions coming in the next few months. LOTS. I've been a very busy girl. Go check it out....great stuff to decorate for the holidays, great gift ideas and as always stuff to decorate your home just in time for the relatives to come visit!

And this week's featured item is this killer fabric pendant light...
Orange with chocolate brown trim, 2 lights
@24"diameter, 5"h, hardwired

Have a great weekend! 


Pimpin' My Ride

So I just bought a new set of rims. 

But not for my car. No, I'm not Pimpin' My Ride. I am going to repurpose them (at least that is the plan).  The sweet guy at Habitat loading them into my car goes "So you have a Toyota at home?" (because I drive a Pathfinder lol) I really do buy some weird shit. (pardon my language). And this might be the weirdest thing I have bought to date. I buy normal shit, er stuff, too, I promise. Don't fear that if you hire me to design your home I will only decorate with tire rims! But I just get bored. I feel like anyone can go into a retail store, or market for that matter, and buy furniture and decorate a house. I get tired of seeing the same stuff! But that is because I am over-exposed to it. I live, eat, breath and dream interior design. If I am not designing for a client or shopping in a showroom or looking at a vendor's site online then I am looking at Pinterest or reading a design magazine or flipping through a design book......so you can see how I feel like I have seen it all. I don't mean this to sound snobby. I still like things I see in stores/catalogs/Internet/market but sometimes I want to "think outside the box" too. Like buying a set of Toyota tire rims and making them into side tables and/or ottomans. lol 


Here is another "tire rim" idea of mine that is a little more mainstream. Today we installed some galvanized conduit piping as outdoor drapery hardware at a client's on Daniel Island. I say we, but really my installer did the work. And I do mean work because it was 80 degrees....in November....in Charleston and he was sweating....profusely. I, however, along with my buddy David from ACE (adore him), did all the real work (kidding) coming up with the plan prior to install. It looks pretty FAWESOME! (freaking + awesome) if I do say so myself! Take a look.....

One panel is missing (far left) in this photo. And these photos are TERRIBLE. Don't judge.

Why galvanized conduit piping you may ask? Well, one if you are a loyal reader you know I am obsessed with anything galvanized. But mainly because it is outdoor friendly, it is inexpensive and it coordinates with this little guy...

Who also lives on the porch. 

I'll try to get better pics when the porch is finished and styled. How often do I say that and never do it???


Design Crush (well just crush): Jeremiah Brent

I have to admit I cried with Jeremiah when they told Rachel Zoe that they were going to put eight more 'store in stores' in Bloomingdale's. And then again when Rodger rehired him at the bbq. I'm such a sap. Seeing someone's dreams realized is a surefire way to turn me into waterworks. He is a hard worker and really passionate about what he does...I can relate to him. (Or at least that is how he is portrayed on reality TV-lol-I realize I don't know him.) But Here is an interview with him after the season finale. Which is how I back up my opinions...you know...by more media. 

The new Zoe Residence

Getting the chance to decorate the home of the most famous fashion stylist, Rachel Zoe, is a DREAM JOB and the fact that they let an unknown designer do it is very cool and unpretentious of them, in my opinion. What a good gig for your portfolio! I mean really. It is one project like that that can TOTALLY make your career. And looks like Jeremiah Brent is doing just that...making a career...by getting his own design business going. He's no dummy. I'm what some may call jelly (see also: jealous, green, envious). 

Let's take a tour of the Zoe's (don't you know Rodger hates that!) kid friendly home, shall we?


And lil' Skyler's (love the name!) nursery... 

After watching this season, I wonder if Rachel Zoe is going to have a partnership with Room & Board? If not, she sure is courtin' them hard! I hope the show comes back for another season. Heart me some Bravo and Andy Cohen. 


Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

I wanted to dedicate this post to one of my very dear friends.....
(how funny if she picks today to not read this!)

I've been through a lot over the years (as we all have) but I have especially been through a lot with friends and this is one of those people that I know I can always trust, I know I can always count on and I know with absolute certainty that she will be in my life forever. She is, to quote Clairee from Steel Magnolias, "good people!" 

She is a great friend who even though her own life is very, very busy as a career woman, a wife and a mother, she always seems to be there when I need her. Even if we haven't talked in a while she seems to sense when I need to talk to her and reaches out...it is the craziest thing!

She is positive, selfless and supportive. And not only encourages me to follow my dreams but takes time out of her life to help me do just that! We have "business meetings" (to talk about both of our many creative enterprises), I text her pictures of items I find for approval before purchasing and her husband is even in on it as he is my new Jack of all Trades Handyman on the side of his very, very busy life. (btw I heart him as much as her!)

Creatively speaking, we are totally in sync. We use to have a business together making jewelry and have talked about a thousand other businesses pursuits, ideas, endeavors, etc.! She is my favorite person to shop with as I can find a rusty piece of metal in a junk pile and turn to her with big, excited eyes and she will respond with matched enthusiasm. Then we'll spend the next five minutes (sometimes hours or days) talking about all the things we would do with that rusty piece of metal. 

She has a dash of naivety that at times freaks me out (mainly for her safety) but I imagine it allows her to live a more stress-free life than I. For example, when we lived together and she would leave the front door wide open, not just unlocked but wide open. She is from this adorably perfect small town and I well, am not. But she goes through life assuming the best in people and I envy her attitude. 

As far as values, morals, ethics and how you should treat other people....we are on the same page. The older I get, the more I realize how important that is. 

She has two gorgeous children! A young daughter who dresses herself and already has a completely cool and unique style just like her mom. And a son who is so chill and relaxed, like her, that nothing seems to phase him. And they are both very funny kids, in their own right. She said the other day that her son put out his hand to get a high-five from his dad after getting his bottle. I mean.....

I could go on and on and on but I will spare the rest of y'all still reading. But I will say one last thing.....


Love you girl! And thanks for being such a great friend to me.


This Week I...

Am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

No not that kind of light. 
"Step into the light Carol Ann!"

That movie still terrifies me. I watched it with my brother when I was eight. Yes, eight. WAY too young! I was terrified but didn't want him to know so I acted like I could handle it. For the next two weeks, I slept on the floor next to my dad's side of the bed. Oh, I should mention that I had a huge tree right outside my bedroom window that I was certain was going to pull me through it and suck me into the Underworld. Eeek.

Worked on an e-decorating client's house...

Working on a design client's house...this isn't final and there is lots to come on this house but I got caught up on her daughter's bathroom. What can I say, I'm a girl. 

Went to see The Eli Young Band. They played on a boat. Not sure if you can even see them in this photo. This is how old  (dumb? lame? out of it?) I am...I thought we would be among like 30 people there. We were among like 300 people! And I am pretty sure there was a fraternity party going on. At least that is what it felt like. I'm not gonna lie...I enjoyed the eye candy (cough: cougar) but not the line for the bathroom. While in line, I noticed I had on (basically) the same outfit as the twenty-four year old in front of me. I am not sure if that should make me feel proud or embarrassed? 

This week's featured item in my booth over at Southern Accents is this adorable coral lamp! 
lacquered white base and mint green coral lamp/finial with white shade

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Look at the happy couple gazing into each other's eyes...
Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in between
How can we be wrong?
Sail away with me to another world
And we rely on each other, ah-ah

(Have I ever mentioned that that is my favorite song of all time? No joke. Stop laughing.)

Have a good weekend! 

Hope the Dawgs beat Auburn! Woof Woof!