This Week I...

Worked with a client on some selections for her new home...
Wide shot of the granite place.

Some of our selections...

At cabinet shop...

Worked on some selections for the kitchen reno I'm working on...we are not going with this Herringbone tile but I had to take a photo as I am kinda in love with it.

Remember the dark, dreary and poorly designed before kitchen?
[I want to take a sledgehammer to those upper glass cabinets in a bad, bad way.]

Well here is the plan...thanks to the brilliance of Jay at Southeast Kitchens!
It will be tweaked with a dash of my brilliance (lol).

Worked on selections for a downtown bathroom reno...

See, they scatter...I mean no harm little fellas, I come in peace!

Went to the 3rd Annual Bubbly&Brew Event to help raise money and awareness for My Sister's House, a non-profit organization that provides services, programs and resources to empower domestic violence victims and their children to live free from abuse.
That's me on the left. And this pic was outside, there were lots of people there inside!

Thanks for the mention ladies, in your lovely blog! If you have not read Two Doors Down, please do so now...it is filled with lots of good local resources and information!

Have a great weekend!


Wooderson, Brigance and Barry

Nope, not a law firm. What are last names of Matthew McConaughey movie roles for $1,000!

I don't know if there is a woman on this planet that isn't in love with this man. Am I right? I could listen to him read me the phone book for hours and hours and hours and hours and....well, you know.

Personally, I like to call him Matthew McConaughey-hey-hey.

I even found him charming when he delivered the sleazy line "I keep getting older, they stay the same age." in Dazed and Confused.

I found it kinda hilarious when I came across his Airstream featured in Architectural Digest so I just had to share it with you fine people.
Photography by Jim McHugh

"If it looks good but it's not functional, then it's not worth anything." he says.

Wonder where he plays the bongos naked? Just sayin'.

I'm not certain but the Google search on crazystalkerfan.com (joking) tells me this is his bedroom. [Let's pause for a minute while I picture myself here..........]

The actor customized his 2004 Airstream International CCD 28 with a practical mindset. For example, he removed the picnic style table in the living area and had a craftsman in Louisiana build him a more traditional model. -via Architectural Digest

And you thought I was gonna take this opportunity to show a gratuitous typical shirtless Matthew shot.

Shame on you. 


Brilliant Ideas for the Bathroom

So I thought I would follow-up to last week's Brilliant Ideas for the Kitchen with some ideas for the Bathroom because y'all really seemed to like them!

Vanity tool drawer <- yes please

Hidden Storage! Ugly mirror, sweet idea!

This could be done in a much more decorative way...hidden behind a piece of art or a mirror or architectural panel.
Clever Storage Ideas (maybe for the bathroom remodel?)

I love this since as you know if you remember from my previous post, I am not a fan of towel bars...so I like the idea of concealing it behind a shower curtain! As long as you can't see it through the curtain that is.

I think this could work for a good place to hide your scale too!



I mean this is just BEYOND brilliant. I detest those kiddie stools!

vanity with built-in pull-out step drawer for little kids

Once again, you can find these on my Pinterest page with links for more information.
Happy Pinning!


Were You Raised In a Barn?

I am looking for barn door inspiration for a new construction job I'm working on....

I know, right?

I'm drooling on my keyboard.....

My sincere apologies for the lack of sources. I pulled them all from Pinterest in a hurry before a client meeting. I'm terrible and I hate myself for it. These above people are brilliant and deserve more. If you have any info, leave a comment and I will add it in later.


Secrets From A Stylist

I have been dvr'ing Emily Henderson's show, Secrets from a Stylist, on HGTV for a while and got all caught up this weekend while home sick. She is such a stellar stylist, as she should be since that is how her career started, styling for photoshoots (as I understand it). Plus she's just adorable to watch! Here are some of the rooms she's created which she talks about in detail on her blog.

HGTV announces the launch of their new magazine, HGTV: Magazine, set to debut in October 2011.  The editor-in-chief is Sara Peterson, formerly with Coastal Living Magazine, and she seems to be bringing a much needed real and relatable approach to the shelter magazine that I think will appeal to the viewers of the network.The content of the magazine will mimic that of their network including topics like decorating, landscape design, renovating, entertaining, food and real estate but will also take you behind the scenes on many of their popular shows as well as providing advice from their HGTV talent. The second issue will hit newstands in January 2012 and if all goes according to plan, full scale production will continue after that. Go check it out!


Before & After: Barcart

I recently stumbled upon another local blogger's blog, Keller Creative. It is always exciting to meet a local person that shares your passion! She is a major DIY'er and is nice enough to share the details of her projects with her readers. She found this old medical cart at Paige's Thieve's Market and thought it would make a fantastic bar cart. Ironically, I was at Paige's the day prior and thought the very same thing! Sadly, I passed, she however nabbed it up! It was exciting for me to see what someone else's vision was for the very same find. She did a great job! Check it out...




Great detail! (She added a handle for a towel)

See the entire process here.


This Week I...

Added more stuff into my booth over at Southern Accents. Don't forget to stop by! If you walk in the door I'm along the right side, towards the back. Look for "eclectic" written on the chalkboard sign on top of the white bookcases.

Added the most killer lamps to a master bedroom. Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference!

Remember these guys? They tend to scatter when I pull up and take a photo so I have to be stealth. They make me so happy.

Remember these old corbels?

 Well now they are part of a new console table! There still needs to be lots of "accessorizing" but I couldn't wait to show you...

 Dropped some new pillows off at a clients. You really can't see them in this photo but the view is much more imporatant anyway...

Took on another bath reno project. This is the "before"...it won't look anything like this after.

Got sick. Of course, I just can't seem to catch a break or get ahead. So I convinced my doctor to call in a ZPak. Why can't they make those over the counter already?

Happy 8th birthday to this special little man! I am beyond bummed that I am not there to celebrate in person but I will make it up to you as soon as possible with an outting for just the two of us. I am so blessed to have such a sweet, caring and loving nephew like you in my life and I cannot wait to get one of your big hugs! I love you very much G! xoxo

Happy fall y'all!
Go Dawgs!