Before & After: Union Jack Chest

I was recently turned onto this blog, The Southern Eclectic, written by a local gal. She has a phenomenal before and after. I wouldn't attempt to tackle this myself so cheers to her!

Inspiration Photo

See more here.


This Week I...

Loaded more stuff into my booth over at Southern Accents...there were more accessories in this vignette that literally sold as I was setting it up and before I could take this picture! I'm not complaining :)

Am working on something really cool for a client/friend's office over at Jackson Built Custom Homes...I can't wait to show you the final product!

Am designing some custom closets for a renovation project downtown and another one on Shem Creek that my talented friend Brett Elrod, of C. B. Elrod Construction, is working on...

I'm working on an outdoor living space/exterior renovation project in Wild Dunes. Here are some before pics...

And here are some of the inspiration photos. Think large scale slate floors, banquette dining area, zinc tabletops, teak furniture...bye bye black iron, bye bye hot tub, bye bye heavy black furnishings and helllooooo cool new style!

Speaking of outdoor spaces, here is an e-decorating plan I did for a client...

Don't forget from now until the end of August I am offering two rooms for the price of one on my e-decorating services! Quite the bargain! Email me for more information sidney@eclectic-idg.com

I love my job!
To quote Jeffery Alan Marks "I'm so happy to get paid for my hobby. I literally don't know what else I would do." Amen. I'm so sad the season is over (sad face).

Have a great weekend y'all!


Pretty n' Pink

Southern Living

La Dolce Vita: Fabulous Room Friday 07.1.11

Southern Living


Architect Barbie

Have you seen this?

Apparently Architect was chosen by popular vote as the career of the year for 2011! Architect Barbie comes with essential on-the-job accessories including a set of blueprints and a hard hat to design her very own Dream House. However, I am not fond of her ensemble which apparently was designed to minic the a city skyline. I think it is a bit too literal and although the booties are stylish, they are not super practical. I want to see her navigate a construction site post-rain in those heels...especially before stairs are installed! But as described by Elle Decor, her outfit can go from "construction site to a client's office to a nightclub." Hilarious.


Re-Styled: Part II

I have posted on this before as I love seeing how a room or space can be restyled for two totally different looks. I saw this post over at Everything LEB and wanted to copy it because I think it is a great example of styling and re-styling your space! Sometimes, while sitting on my sofa watching TV, I get up and start reaccessorizing my built-ins. I'm crazy like that.

While at the beach with my family, my cousin's wife asked me about my booth and how it was doing. I told her it was going really well and oftentimes I was shocked by what items sold over others. Her comment was that an item could have come from the Goodwill but if it is styled correctly, she would pay good money for it once she could see how it was styled in a room setting. Amen. That's called merchandising folks!


Lots Of Words

Sorry for being MIA but I had a blast at the beach with the fam! It was actually one of those trips that felt like a week's long vacation, which was wonderful! I won't bore you with with all the details but there was lots of beach, biking, bocce, football, paddleball, building sandcastles, ladderball, riding waves, board games, and lots and lots of eating and drinking. We also took a sunset cruise. I created so many cherished memories with my precious nephews...

One day Finn (age 9) and I biked down to the marina and he said "I love spending time with you Sid!"...I could hardly see through the tears to peddle home. We had fun bonding while talking about music (Taylor Swift and Katie Perry), racing bikes (he likes to go fast) and talking fishing (he was teaching me, he is the smartest kid I know!). However, I didn't like that he thought it was hysterical to call me "old lady."

Garrett (age 8) is very active so we played lots of games on the beach (he smoked me at all of them and I fancy myself as being quite athletic!). And we spent lots of time building sand castles with expert precision! I was trying to explain to him what I do for a living and how that translated to sandcastle building and he said "I love architecting too" Adorable! He was quite inventive using sticks for bridges and he by far sculpted the best turrets. I was impressed.

Tyler (age 5) said "I hope we come to Fripp forever...when I am a teenager and an adult and when I am a old man but then I will probably need a walking stick. Think they sell those at the golf cart rental place?" He is literally one of the funniest people I know! I thought it was cute that he showed general concern for me when I got upset when Will died while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean. He assured me things would work out ok without ruining the ending because I always have to ask my nephews NOT to ruin the ending of movies for me! ha! At dinner he ate about 80% of my crab legs so the next night we ordered him crab legs, he didn't want them so he ate most of my friend shrimp. I think he knows that he has me wrapped around his finger!

Sorry to bore you....but I wanted to get some of those memories in writing. So I came home exhausted and needing to stay out of the sun. I caught up with my dvr and design blogs while simultaneously pinning stuff on Pinterest. For those of you that follow me, I apologize for the large amounts of pins but I had to make up for a week of missed creative stimulation! So back to my dvr.....I had about 12 backed logged Design, Inc.'s to watch! I am really impressed with the current programming on HGTV. I stopped watching it for a while as it was all real estate and cheap decorating shows but now it seems there are some quality designers that have programs.

Home by Novogratz
HGTV picked up the Design by Sixx show formerly on Bravo. This couple is truly innovative! I don't know how they do it with all those kids. I always complain about not having enough time and I am single. (My dvr will be recording this one as well!)

Design, Inc.
I have always been a big fan of Sara Richardson and love her show Design, Inc. I especially like how all the designers show up for an install, even if it isn't there project. That is awesome! If I ever have a larger design firm I am totally doing that. Installs can be fun and you can always use the extra help but it also instill's teamwork. You go Sara!

Secrets of a Stylist
Stylist and blogger (former blogger?) Emily Henderson is just plain adorable! I like that her background isn't typical and neither is the concept of the show. I think it is interesting in that it often shows people what they THINK they want then it shows how she would interpret what they think they want (which is usually correct). Which always proves my point of trusting your designer :)

Candice Tells All
I know she has been a staple on HGTV for years but she really is super talented (especially her renderings!) and just so likable! I have always appreciated that her show illustrates the actual design process from beginning to end (or at least as much as you can in half an hour).

Dear Genevive
What I like most about her is how real and genuine and personable she is with her clients. She takes of her shoes (literally) and talks to them on their level and really gets to know their likes/dislikes and needs/wants to create a home that is right for them.

Design Star
I admit...I watch it. This is my confession.


Before & After: Horn Artwork

You might remember an earlier post I did about turning what once was a horn purse into horn pillows.

Well now I have taken the remaining horn pieces and turned them into art! I bought a set of framed snowflake cards at an antique store...

Took out the snowflake cards and green matts...

Painted the frames chocolate brown...

And sewed the horn pieces 1-6 onto an aqua burlap...


If you love them, they are for sale in my booth over at Southern Accents.


This Week I...

Hung these beautiful sconces for a client/friend...

Had an install at a client's house we are still finishing up all the little details but here is a sneak peek...

They might kill me for posting these photos but I just HAD to a) because it was so cute and b) because it shows real life! I will have some professional photos taken of their home but I am happy to show that it is lived in!

Can you tell their son likes Thomas the Train?
I spy Lightening McQueen!

Helped a client prepare for a dinner party...yeah, I do it all people.

Ok, so next week I'm off on our annual Griswald family vacation to Fripp Island. SUPER excited to spend time with these guys...
(fake smiles)

As well as my brother/sister-in-law, my parents and our cousins/spouses. We will be celebrating several birthdays too. Good times, good times.

Have a great weekend/week y'all!



Walt Disney

I was obsessed with Disney growing up. Well, let's be frank, I still am. The reasons are obvious....the entire concept revolves around laughing and having fun! Plus, I realized early on that if you reverse the SID in SIDNEY to DIS you get DISNEY. Yeah, that's right. I always think back to Disney trips during the summer time and think about all the children that are going for their first time. Lucky ducks. Here are my adorable nephews on their maiden voyage...

Being a kid is awesome.

And how precious is this? I don't remember the Mickey pancakes when I was a kid! Love!

I asked my dad to pull out an old Disney pic of our family and this is what I got...it's really Epcot but guess it will do. For the first like six years of my life my dad developed only slides so we have killer family slide shows but need to work on turning those slides into photos!
I like that my brother is rocking the New Balance and my mom the big sunglasses plus she looks classy as always.

Typically, I'm pretty anti-generic store bought stuff for decorating kid's rooms but I saw this on Amazon and thought it was pretty cute and I like that you can easily remove the vinyl stickers when it's time.

And this just might be one of the most genius ideas I have ever seen for a child's room! I'm thinking this parent never grew up...which I like.
Painted Peter Pan shadow. HOW. GREAT. IS THIS!
via Pinterest