I'm kinda obsessed with her. I wish I could get away with the things she says out loud. This might be my favorite quote of all time "I need people to stop grabbing my paint brush while I'm painting." All you designers out there can relate to this one I'm sure! Don't get me wrong, I love my clients but when they question every part of a design plan or want to change a few elements of a design plan, they don't understand that it alters (i.e. changes, diminishes, weakens, etc., etc., etc.) the design. If they would just TRUST, I guarantee they would love the end result. Because we make decisions based on ALL the elements combined so that there is a COHESIVE design. That is a hard thing to explain to a client, especially since they typically hire you because they cannot visualize the overall picture. The again, that is our job as a designer, to both explain our vision and to earn their trust. It isn't always easy and some clients get there quicker than others. Ok, stepping down off my soapbox...

Anyway, Mary is known for mixing modern and glamour into her designs but what I really love about her rooms are the bold statements she makes with the floors. Take a look for yourself...

If you like what you see, check out here book.

And watch her Tuesdays at 10:00 on Bravo in Million Dollar Decorators.
[No, I do not get paid for endorsing the show, I just like it a lot and want to keep in on the air!]



I love seeing rooms styled differently for different photo-shoots. Shows you all the possibilities for one space! Why not change up your own home seasonally or as you get bored.

Designer Lindsey Bond

Designer Kay Douglas

Jenna Lyons


Busy, Busy

Ok, sorry for being so MIA lately but OMG. I have been traveling and buying and getting my booth at Southern Accents ready. I told my friend I feel like I am cramming for finals! It is fun but SO much work! And my house totally looks like an episode of Hoarders right now and for those of you that know me and know what a neat freak I am you know I am wigging out. I seriously have hives. Dare I show you a photo? Ok, here goes...eek!

See, I wasn't kidding!
I will have pretty pictures of this stuff once it is all loaded nice and neat in my booth.

I even went to IKEA when I was in Atlanta. And for those of you that faithfully read this blog you know how I feel about IKEA. So I wanted ONE thing at IKEA. ONE thing. If you have ever been to an IKEA, you know that it is not a quick shopping trip. Once you enter that maze, there is no quick exit. It is not like walking into the Piggly Wiggly and getting a jug of milk. And it was a Sunday so the place was packed! So my suggestion to IKEA, if any of the corporate big shots are reading, is this....are you ready? Do you have a pen handy? If you had a drive-thru window at IKEA, I would totally shop there. I am dead serious. If I could pull-up and ask for ONE item, pay, wait for it and leave and not have to step foot in your store, I would shop there often. I'm just sayin'!

Alright, back to normal posting soon, I promise!


I'd Rather Be Thrifting

So that's what I'm gonna do. Take off on a lil' buying trip and see some friends along the way and ultimately celebrate this lil' guy's birthday. Well, he's not so lil' anymore I'm sad to say. 9 years! Where does the time go?

I remember just the other day when he was a lil' bit. That's also when I was cool and he laughed at all my jokes. Now all he wants is to play with my iPhone. [sigh]

So forgive me while I take a blogging break. But it will be worth it when you see what Eclectic Finds I bring back!



I see shipping pallets all the time and stop to think what can be done with them. No literally, I stop, often in the car, and think. I get honked at a lot. I have many ideas and I am not going to share them with you yet because I don't want you to steal my genius. But I do want to share with you other people's genius so here ya go...

via simplyfrugal

via linghome

via Apartment Therapy

via classicly amber

A whole house...


I Must Get Back To The Sea






Ralph Lauren

Designer Suzanne Kasler

via thelennox



Before & After: Painted Dresser

Ahh, the power of paint! I had to show this one as I have the same dresser (only in tall chest form) and I have been dying to paint it but haven't landed on a color yet. I am in love, love, love with the Chinoiserie style! Well done.



Looks like they kept the hardware but painted it brass? What do you think...should I keep the hardware on mine? Get new? Paint them the same color as the chest?


This Week I...

Leased a booth at Southern Accents Designer Showcase Market!
630 Colemand Boulevard
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
(843) 856-9131

Like many designers, I have always dreamed of having a store/design studio (and someday I will!) but for now this will suffice. I am excited to get all my goods out of my overcrowded office and merchandised into the booth. First, I need to paint! The yellow is too much. So here is a before pic of the space...
I will show you the after as soon as its ready!

Also, I am starting a Summer Promotion on my e-Decorating services. Are you ready for it? No, really are you sitting down? For the months of June, July and August you can get TWO rooms for the price of ONE on my e-decorating services! You heard me. TWO rooms for the price of ONE! Now's the time to take the plunge! What's e-Decorating you ask? Well, let me tell you...

E-decorating is an alternative service to hiring a designer to do face-to-face, turn-key interior design. Eclectic provides a Customized Design Plan for a room (or rooms) in your home for you
to implement yourself. This service is perfect for those clients who want to work with Eclectic but cannot due to geographical challenges. E-decorating is also great for clients that only want to
work on one or two rooms, clients who are on a limited budget or clients that like to do a lot of
the work themselves but need help with an overall vision.

Email me today sidney@eclectic-idg.com for more information. Here is a sample of a recent e-Decorating plan...

I must have been craving Neapolitan ice cream.

Ok, off to shop...

Have a great weekend y'all!!!


Major Girl Crush

Keri Russell has always been one of my favorite actresses. Yes, I was a big fan of Felicity (I think I still own the dvd series-holla to JJ Abrams first hit!). First of all she is beautiful! I have a mental list of five celebrities I wish I looked like and Keri is tops on it. She is one of those women that has the ability to go from hiking a mountain to walking the red carpet and looking equally amazing at both. Not many people can pull that off, the balance of tomboy and girly-girl, and I admire that in a woman.

And I just think she has great style. Classic and elegant with a slight bohemian edge to it.

I was stoked when I saw her house featured in Elle Decor this month. If you ask me, her home totally reflects her personal style.

And she married a carpenter, kinda jealous of that too.