Memorial Day

Memorial Day started after the Civil War as a ritual of remembrance and reconciliation but has turned into more of a day for celebrating friends and family with cookouts, beach gatherings and fireworks. Although I will be doing the later, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those that have served in the military. Thank you is just not enough however I want to thank all those men and women that fought, served and lost their lives defending this great nation.


Before & After: Capiz Light

Since Oly came out with their Serena masterpiece, we have all dreamed of having one of our very own but they can be costly! So why not use a strainer and some capiz shell strands (I think they are from a room divider) to make your own chandelier!

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This Week I...

Went on a girl's trip to Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach (if you haven't heard the Sunny Ledfurd song please go do so now!). We stayed at a friend's house (see below). And to the reader who said mean things to me last time I "teased" about Myrtle Beach...CHILL. OUT. There are beautiful parts in every town...
And there are terrible cheesy parts in every town...
Just accept it.
You can go to my home town of Marietta, Georgia and prove the very same point!

Me and my roomies.
Sixteen women in one house...aye, aye, aye!

Big thanks to Danika over at Gorgeous Shiny Things for featuring my nightstands in her segment, THE SCORE, where she showcases people's fabulous finds!

Checked in on my friend/client who just moved back in after having his concrete floors stained. I think they look amazing!

It was Fabric Week over at Eclectic Finds! Lots of remnants for sale so go check them out! If you mention the phrase "I'M A FABRIC HOARDER" you get 10% off!

Grrr, a lil' alone time...

I hope all you local folks are coming out to our annual Memorial Day event!
All proceeds benefit local breast cancer patients so come enjoy some booze and bbq while listening to Indecision and Gaslight Street...get yo' tickets here!


Hats Off

Country Living

Designer Eric Roth

House Beautiful

Elle Decor

Designer Tom Scheerer


Country Living


Architectural Digest

I was at the beach with sixteen (yeah, you read that right) women last weekend and thought it was interesting that we all had different straw hats! This is mine...


Pro or Con: Chalkboard Paint on the Fridge?

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What are we thinkin' here? I waver on my love of chalkboards/chalkboard paint. I like them in concept but I HATE chalkboard dust on my hands (is that weird?)! And I am a bit of a neat freak (stop laughing those of you that know me). Plus, I feel like I would be the J-HOLE that would lean up against the fridge and have writing all over my back! BUT it is a great temporary and inexpensive solution for a fridge that doesn't match the rest of your appliances.


Attention Interior Design Grads

A while back I spoke at The Art Institute of Charleston to a Business Practices class. I had a pre-programmed talk prepared but when I started speaking, I realized that the things I wanted to talk about most (and what I thought would be most helpful to the students) were the things that you cannot learn in a book! So for all of the young bucks graduating and embarking on the world of interior design, I wanted to offer up some useful pieces of advice from someone who has actually worked in the field. I am by no means claiming to be an expert but I have learned a lot and I have made many mistakes that have taught me a lot! So I wanted to pass along some of these lil' tidbits...

-Never stop learning! Design is a great industry if you appreciate knowledge and especially if you get bored easily (like myself). Go to markets, read shelter mags/blogs, attend educational seminars at your local design center, join design associations, invite yourself to tour manufacturing plants....you get the idea!

-Ask questions! While working with a carpenter, ask how he is going to construct the custom bed he is building for your client. While attending a line showing, ask what the product is made of or where it is manufactured. While remodeling a home, ask the contractor to explain why you can't knock down that wall. As I mentioned before, design is a constant learning experience so learn!

-Always be prepared! Think that is the Boy Scout motto but it still applies. I have a bag (I like LL Bean Totes-I have one in each size) that I carry to appointments with a pad of graph paper, a measuring tape, a digital camera and several Sharpies. I also keep a plastic container in my trunk filled with paint decks, a measuring tape, pads and pens just in case!

-Invest in a good measuring tape! Stanley's FatMax's are the best because they are sturdy (won't flop around) and they won't break or split. And I would go ahead and get at least 40' (most rooms you will work on won't be that big but ya never know!)

-If going to a new construction site, park a few houses down. This is coming from someone who has gone through many tires! Once I had a nail in 3/4 tires. No joke.

-It is alright to say "I don't know" to a client. In fact, it is BETTER to say this than to lie or fake an answer. Just say "I am not sure but let me check with the manufacturer/contractor/whatever and get back to you." Then write it down and actually get back to them with a valid answer. I promise, they will respect you for this.

-Trust yourself! YOU are the professional that people are hiring based on your knowledge, training, experience and taste. So be confident and stand by your opinions, recommendations, etc.

-Work for as many designers as you can before starting on your own business. Learn from all of them! Both good and bad. You will discover ways you want to run your business and ways you DO NOT want to run your business. Both are equally helpful!

-Have fun! You have chosen a career that you are passionate about! If you maintain that passion, you will go far...

-But on the flip side of that...design isn't for everyone. You might like reading design magazines, watching HGTV and enjoy decorating your own home but designing for someone else and running a business is TOUGH work. There are many design related jobs you can get into like rep'ing a fabric line, working at a retail shop, teaching a design class, contributing to a design publication, etc. so don't fret if you find out this isn't the perfect fit for you.


If any other designers are reading, feel free to add some advice, tips, case-in-points in the comments section!


Artist Amanda Talley

Southern Accents

via Thingsthatinspire

I started this post months and months ago then I saw that countless other blogs had written about this artist and so I never posted it to my blog. I tend to dislike things that are too popular and/or over exposed. I never liked the guy in school that all the other girls liked either! But I do like Amanda Talley's work and I think it has been interesting to watch her popularity grow through social networking. Learn more here.


Before & After: Greek Key Chest

I've posted this bloggers work before. Genius!


The Plan

Learn more here.


This Week I...

This was technically last week but never posted for some reason but I still wanted to mention it...While in Beaufort for Mother's Day/My Birthday, we went to some design shops and antique stores like Fordham Market and M Interiors, a super cute shop on Bay Street. We also went to a few antique malls over in Port Royal and Lady's Island. I got some gems you will soon see for sale on Eclectic Finds!

M Home and Garden, Downtown Beaufort, SC

Saw Something Borrowed. I am so happy for Atlanta writer Emily Giffin who has already signed a four time movie deal of her books! You go girl.

Have I mentioned how much I heart John Krazinski?
(There ain't nothing like a good guy who is also sarcastic and self-deprecating.
I'm just sayin'...)

Loaded lots of goods into Eclectic Finds! Something new will debut every day. Go check it out...

And all next week I will be selling remnants so look alive and grab up some quality fabric for a steal! Here is a little tease...

Ok, so I'm off for a girl's weekend. Woop Woop! Three guesses where I'm going...


"Luanne, why don't we just go up there and say "This was our last weekend together, and we didn't feel like going to Fort Sumter and touring goddamn colonial homes. We wanted to go to the beach and meet boys and go to wild parties and dance." I mean why can't we tell them the truth?" -Carson

This guy is in Spring Training there...

She is from there but probably doesn't talk about it much...

Have a great weekend y'all!