Welcome to Miami...

So I was really trying to avoid watching the latest of the Real Housewives nonsense but then I got sick and I was sofa bound and next thing I knew I was like 6 episodes in. Lord help me! I am proud that America is able to give legions of trophy wives work in a down economy. That really warms my heart...[Please, please, please note my sarcasm.]

I am terrified of Mama Else. Her face is more disturbing than Michael Jackson's. Yet I cannot look away.

I would never fit in there...I am way too vanilla for that town! But I do appreciate it's mix of beachy and modern influences (minus the opulence). And I love that white is the base of each palette.

BNO Design

Kevin Gray Design

EPIC Miami Hotel

Designer Karine Rousseau

Hungry for more? Check out this book...


Fun in the Sun

So typical....just when I pull out all my spring clothes, it gets cold again. Argh. Total Murphy's Law. Who is this Murphy anyway? He enters my life way too often. So I am working on a client's outdoor living space(s) on Daniel Island and looking to some of these outdoor rooms for inspiration. I am so ready for some outdoor fun in the sun!

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Elle Decor

Want help getting your outdoor space(s) ready for some spring flings? Email me sidney@eclectic-idg.com for information on my design services.


Is There an App for That?

So I have the new iPhone and am super close to getting an iPad. At first I was like really Apple? Stop creating things we don't need but now I totally see the need for an iPad for my business! In fact, it is kinda embarrassing when my clients say things like "Really Sidney, you don't have an iPad....get with the program!" Point taken. However, I haven't had the time to do all the research as to what cool design related Apps are out there. So help me out! I have downloaded...

My friend just told me about Drapery Calculator

And I have read about...

Please help me! I would love feedback from other designers as to which Apps you love, don't love and can't live without. And if you just know me and know of a cool App I am missing out on, leave me a comment! Many thanks!



I often have people ask me "How do you find so much to talk about on your blog?" This question kinda makes me laugh because if you were in my head you would know that I could talk about this stuff ALL DAY LONG. Literally.

I mean clearly design is my profession so I spend 9-5 thinking about interior design. But if you are a designer you know that you also spend the other 16 hours of the day thinking about it too. And I do mean 16 because sometimes you don't sleep. You lie in bed wondering if you selected the right fabric for that ottoman or do I tile the entire wall or just the backsplash or should I do one large statement piece of art or an entire grouping over the sofa?

And if that wasn't enough! I have been known to spend many o' weekends hauled up in my house reading design blogs while catching up with my dvr. Seriously, some days I don't leave the house. It is addicting! [And probably sad to some of you.] Before blogs, I would sit down and go through a whole year's worth of magazines in a day...making sketches and notes and copies, basically getting inspired! When you are passionate about design (heck, about anything!) you just cannot get enough of it!

The other night I was talking with a friend who is a boat Captain and we were discussing the perils of having your passion also be your profession. Bottom line: you can't turn it off! I really worry about this. I worry that I will get burnt out. But I am a passionate person by nature and I know that if I don't love what I do, I won't excel at it. Nor will I be happy. And I am confident that design is what I was put on this Earth to do (how is that for dramatic!?!).

So how do I answer this question when someone asks me? [The short version, not the long version that I just gave you.] I simply say "When you love what you do, it comes naturally."


Before & After: Laundry Room Floor

This cute blogger felt "chained" to her laundry room, get it chained. Well you will when you see the after...



After Floors


Here is her full story.


This Week I...

Spoke at The American College of the Building Arts Festival at the Old Jail in downtown Charleston. About one minute before I was to speak, there was only one person in the room...I panicked and wished that I had paid some friends to be in the audience! But soon enough the room filled up (including what I think was one of the "prisoners" as the door kept opening on its own!). All went well and it was a beautiful day for the festival and a unique opportunity to watch the students work in their chosen trade.

Went on a "booze cruise" for my friend's birthday...I'm shocked not one of the fifty people on the boat fell overboard Goldie Hawn style.

Had this GORG light fixture installed in a client's foyer by my new (and supercute) electrician. I tried to get a photo of just him while pretending to text but it didn't work! Ha! First time using scaffolding to install a light...

Helped a client with furniture arrangement in her adorable new home! The layout is kinda awkward but we worked it out and it looks great! Going back for round two today...

Went to Fashion Week with my friend Anne...Charleston Magazine asked to take her photo because they liked her style. They asked me to hold her wine while they took her photo. Ouch. Guess they didn't like my TJMaxx shirt.
Anne Chastain

Have a great weekend!!!


Charleston Fashion Week 2011

Last night I attended the second night of Charleston Fashion Week with my press pass for the national blog I write for, Ask Miss A. I was lucky enough to be a part of the interviews with last year's winner, Marysia Dobranska Reeves and Social Primer creator, K. Cooper Ray (both Charleston residents). They were adorable! It was an honor to hear their take on this year's Fashion Week as well as the emerging designers they were there to judge. And I really enjoyed learning more about their new collections and the various projects they are working on. If you want to learn more about K. Cooper Ray, stay tuned as I am going to write a lil' feature on him!

Marysia Dobranska Reeves

There was a pre-party in the Style Lounge where vendors could showcase and sell their merchandise while attendees got their drink on! I really liked the jewelry by Anne Belen. Go check out this Southern gal's creations! I love that this show not only features local merchants and emerging designers from all over the Southeast BUT it also serves as a competition for models and it is an amazing resume builder for hair and make-up staff. There are some seriously creative folks involved in this whole process! Love it!

The emerging designers in last night's show were...

There was a total Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" with one of her models and I fear that this will be all that is remembered of her work :( I give written props to the model that rocked it and came back out for the finale unphased! She gets my vote as the Model Talent winner!

And here is a list of the Fashion Panel that will crown the title for Best Emerging Designer East out of the 16 Finalists.

The Featured Designer I was lucky enough to see was Lindsey Carter and her collection Troubadour. She is crazy talented! Her collection combines masculine and feminine in an completely effortless way. She claims her garments read "Made in New York with love from the South." I can totally see that!

And this was my favorite piece of the night!

I am by no means a fashion expert so I am not going to discuss or critique any of these designer's work. However, the one thing that I will mention (because it seriously erks me!) is that you have to view a fashion show as a work of art. Each model is a canvas or a sculpture, essentially a walking artform. Are you going to go out a buy one of these outfits, as is, and wear it exactly like the model did. Probably not. But you might see a color combination that inspires you or learn a new way to tie a scarf! So please don't scoff and laugh at the avante guard aspects of the show. Instead view it as art, learn something and you will get much more from it! [If you are reading, this is directed at you, the lady sitting next to me in the sequins jacket.]


Fluff n' Fold

I hate doing laundry. Part of it is the space I have to do it in...it is gross...the complete antithisis of these rooms. It is a room off of my sunroom that isn't totally finished and won't be any time soon as it is very low on the priority list. My sweet mom sewed me a curtain that at least covers the water heater. Then I added cute shelves and baskets but it isn't helping much. When my handymen were here a couple of weeks ago, they figured out a way to get the door to close fully without hitting the dryer. I was extatic. Sometimes it is the little things...

I helped a client/friend design a huge laundry room in their house addition. With three boys, she spent a lot of time doing laundry! And I think she wanted a place where she could go and tell the family she was "busy" but secretly get a retreat from the chaos! We added a TV and a place for her laptop. I sometimes picture her in there watching hours and hours of Real Housewives in silence. "Go play with your brothers...mommy is busy doing housework."

Stay tuned to Before&After this Saturday where I show you an inspiring laundry room makeover!