Oscar Dresses Interpreted Into Rooms

I feel asleep! I cannot believe that I fell asleep during the Oscars. Boo! At least I dvr'd it but it is not the same. Anyway, I saw the red carpet and that is (almost) the most important part. I have my top three dresses and I will liken them to a room....

Mila Kunis can do no wrong these days!!!


House Beautiful

Red is my least favorite color but it seems to be popping up all over the place this Award season. Jennifer Lawrence looked RED HOT in this Calvin Klein (genius) dress.


Elle Decor

She looks like a mix of Barbie and Bewitched so I had to pick the room I did!


Oberto Gili

Honorable Mention

Elle Decor


Before & After: Fabric Display Rack

I bought this "thing" a few years back at an antique place in Atlanta. The lady that sold it to me said it was a sewer grate from the Netherlands??? I have no idea. But again, I am obsessed with circles and anything galvanized so I snatched it up! Then it sat in my office closet for at least three years as I had yet to figure out what I wanted to do with it. Until now...

I am using it as a rack to hold all of my fabric swatches. These swatches help me keep up with what fabrics I have in my storage closet. Each luggage tag has the fabric sample on the front with the fabric company, pattern, color and yardage on the back. I got the idea from here...
Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs


This Week I...

Finally debuted my new online shop, Eclectic Finds! If you haven't taken a peek, please doso! I will showcase a new item each weekday so keep checking back or better yet, subscribe to the blog and you will be notified each time I post a new item.

Finalized all my forms, systems, etc. for my e-decorating services. I will be giving you all that info next week! But for now, here is a sneak peek of one that I am working on....

Got to go tour The American College of the Building Arts in their campus that is in the old jail of downtown Charleston. Your's truly will be speaking at their event on March 19. I will have more on that next week!

Old Charleston Jail exterior

Played 6 Degrees of Separation with some of my design idols...funny how small this world can be! It came to my attention that I have a 2nd Degree connection (meaning my friend is friends/relatives) with Ruthie Sommers, Palmer Weiss, Amanda Nisbet, Angie Hranowsky and Kelly Wearstler(l to r). Look at me name dropping...maybe their design talents will rub off on me by my 2nd Degree association.

Have a great weekend!!!


Welcome to Eclectic Finds!

It's time! The first official item for sale on my new online shop, Eclectic Finds! Please take a look and keep looking back for more items including furniture, fabrics, accessories, to-the-trade items, one-of-a-kind finds and custom creations that I have worked with local artisans to create! Whenever I debut a new item, I will put a photo in the top, left-hand side of this blog and all you have to do is click on over or (better yet) subscribe to the shop and you will be notified whenever new items are listed. Then email me if you are interested and I will send you a secure PayPal invoice. Happy Shopping!


Pro or Con: Chalkboards in the Kitchen?

I like 'em. But I recently tried to get a client to paint a chalkboard in her kitchen for her grandkids to enjoy however as a retired schoolteacher she quickly put the kabash on that idea! I guess she had seen enough chalk for one lifetime! ha!

via decorpad

via myhomeideas.com

Country Living


Abstract Art

I saw this picture in an old Cottage Living (miss you!) and recognized the art I used in a past project on Daniel Island. It is interesting how many different ways this art can be hung and I like that you can still get a somewhat custom/unique look with store bought art.

Cottage Living

Here is how I used it in my project...

Like it? You can get your own here!


Before & After: Children's Rug

I am going to go ahead and admit that this "after" isn't really my personal style BUT as someone who dislikes all the primary colored kids stuff that is out there...I thought this IDEA was genius! Check it out...

via design sponge

You could do this SOOOO easily! Just tape off a design that IS your style. I would do something like this....

Or this...

Or even keep the color blocks but match it to your (or your kid's) color scheme...


This Week I...

Debuted my new blog! Woohoo! What do you think? Seriously, do you love it? Hate it? Anything that is hard to read? Missing? Annoying? Still working on some kinks but other than that...I owe a big thanks to the super talented Marina of Penny Lane Designs for being super patient with this hard to please client. I guarantee you she was cursing my name as I took away all of her creative freedom and made about 1,000 changes. Bless your heart!

Saw the empty fireplace box at my clients. Turns out that it was just an empty wooden box not really built for actual fires so tearout was fairly easy and has opened up many possibilities for this artist studio! I am hoping to convince said client to tear out the generic stock cabinetry and do some real custom built-ins, yeah, you know, the good stuff! If I had hooked up my scanner by now I would scan in the sketches.

Found out the main fabric I speced to a client for her living room is discontinued. Nooooooooooooo! (said like Monica on Friends) I haven't told her yet so she might read it here first. If so, I have't given up! If anyone has any of this or knows where I can get some or even wants to sell me their memo....PLEASE let me know!
David Hicks for Lee Jofa Pattern: La Fiorentina in Color: Aqua

Made a bad design decision. I know, I know...it's shocking. The grasscloth I was so excited about for a client looks awful because it had to be seamed and grasscloth being a natural material doesn't really line up perfectly. It isn't a big deal on the tighter weaves but this is a large, patterned weave and it just ain't right. So for all of you who thought I was perfect...I'm not. (I will pause for the dramatic reaction). But as I told my client...sometimes Plan B ends up being better than Plan A. Here's hoping!

Finished up some last min tasks like taking photos and pricing and uploading it all into my online shop and will debut it next week so get out your wallets and prepare to shop!

Have a great weekend!!!


Joel McHale

I have a major crush on Joel McHale. How can you not? Funny is hot. His Hollywood home was featured in InStyle in December 2010 and since my scanner has been MIA for months (still have not hooked up the new one! argh!) I am just getting around to posting this. His wife, Sarah Williams, whom he starting dating in college, is an interior designer and it shows! I hear that Sarah and her collaborator, Elizabeth Gordon, both use to work for Kelly Wearstler which makes sense as you can certainly see the designer's regency influences reflected in this home. Ok, so she is married to Joel McHale AND worked for Kelly Wearstler...I'm turning a little bit green.


Southeastern Wildlife Expo

SEWE (Southeastern Wildlife Expo) is this weekend in Charleston. Not familiar? It is the largest wildlife art and nature event in the nation. There are many events to attend including art shows, parties, concerts, petting zoos, dock dog competitions (my fav) and much more! And the weather is suppose to be beautiful!!! Hallelujah! Anyway, I thought I would honor the event with a post on antlers. Very apropos! Or as Michael Scott would say "apropospropriate."

Elle Decor

Country Living


Elle Decor

House Beautiful

Not a fan of harming animals? No worries, you can get a resin version almost anywhere these days.