You may or may not remember a post I did a while back on hunky carpenters. It is ok if you don't, here is the link. Well one of those carpenters sent me a sweet email thanking me for mentioning him on my blog. I was wildly embarrassed since I was basically giving him a verbal whistle! Sooo, I decided I needed to give him a more legit shout out this go around.

Jared Walker Dostie is not just a TV host, he is a legit, licensed carpenter who has his own business in California. He has teamed up with Tom Filicia on the show Tacky House airing Wednesdays at 11:00 on the Style Network. He also designs a line of custom furniture. Want to learn more about him, go visit his website. Need a little more encouragement? Let me show you his photo again...

Dang, there I go again with the hootin'! Sorry Jared!
Let's get back to business...here is some of his custom made furniture.



Re-Decorating Contest

In today's economy, so much emphasis is being placed on decorating on a budget. Understandable, right? I feel that you can make BIG impact with small changes. Namely, by re-Decorating a space. You can give your home a fresh new look instantly by editing, moving some things around and adding a few new pieces.

Soooo, I am holding a lil' contest folks! If you have an area of your home that you want to re-Decorate (mantle, foyer table, bookcase, etc.), email me a picture of your space and give me a few thoughts on what you would like to achieve. I will pick one space to give free design advice on and this space will be featured on my blog next week.

Here is an example I have shown before of Rita Konig's living room. See, what I mean? Quick fix! (Well, apart from the re-upholstery!)

The deadline is this Friday, September 3rd so hurry up!



I am exhausted and I want to take a long nap in one of these...

And preferably in a location like this...

If you see me, please don't disturb me.

Since I live in the Lowcountry, I would feel remiss if I talked about hammocks without mentioning the Pawley's Island Hammock and sharing a little bit o' history. Christopher Columbus gets credit for discovering the hammock as he brought back boat loads full of them from the New World. But those hammocks were originally made of canvas and were rough and very hot! Many, many years later and many, many sleepless nights later, Captain Josh (Joshua John Ward) conceived the rope hammock which allowed for better air circulation. There was still the problem of the large knots so he continued at the design eventually coming up with the lattice style webbing as well as the spreader bar that kept the knots away from the body which allowed for a both a wider laying surface and much more comfortable for sleeping! The Original Hammock Shop, started in 1935 by Cap'n Josh's immediate family is still going strong today along the main road through Pawley's Island, South Carolina! Holla!

Happy Weekend!


Charleston Home Show

I will be working the Charleston Home + Design Show this weekend if anyone wants to come see me! Here is more information on the event. And here are some images from the current issue featuring the home of Hollywood accessory designer and creator of Moo-Roo, Mary Norton.

Current Issue Charleston Home + Design


Decorganizing Wednesday: Fluff n' Fold

Hanging vs. Folding Clothing

Here is an article from Marta

Many garments look their best when hung on proper hangers in closets that aren't overcrowded. Other clothes benefit from being neatly folded. Shirts and blouses made of linen, rayon, or 100 percent cotton will stay virtually wrinkle-free when hung upon hangers. Use padded hangers for slippery silks and satins, as well as delicate fabrics that crush easily, such as velvet, raw silk, chiffon, and taffeta. Curved suit hangers help maintain the shape of outdoor jackets, overcoats, suit jackets, and blazers. Skirt hangers have moveable clips to accommodate most skirt sizes and styles. And trousers hang nicely over the sturdy rods of wooden hangers, or held by the cuff with clamping trouser hangers.

Knitwear, including tops, pants, skirts, and dresses, should usually be folded. However, if you're tight on drawer space, a sweater can be folded in half, shoulder to shoulder, and draped over the bar of a wooden hanger with a piece of tissue paper in between. Casual pants and shorts made from rugged materials, such as jeans, khakis, and corduroys, also can be folded. And you should fold long evening dresses, particularly those weighted with ornamentation, because hanging can distort their shape. -Article courtesy of marthastewart.com

And here is a little tip I learned while working at The Gap in high school....use a cutting board to give your clothes a perfect fold!

Joseph Joseph™ Grip Top Cutting Board - White

Bed, Bath & Beyond


The Industry Fan

Let's face it, fans are rarely attractive. But they are functional and necessary! Especially when you live in Charleston, South Carolina in August. This is my all time favorite fan. It has a galvanized motor and can work in many different design schemes. It can also be used inside or outside.

industry ceiling fan - galvanized
Available for purchase here.


What Do You Think...Old Chunks of Wood or Salvaged Gems?

I often use old architectural pieces in design jobs. However, I also often get flack from the husbands who say something like "you want me to pay how much for that old chunk of wood?" I get where they are coming from...but I just think these pieces have so much character! Typically, they are one-of-a-kind and come with layers and layers of old paint and chipped pieces that make you wonder about their history. Call me a romantic but I see much more than "an old chunk of wood!" What about you...old chunks of wood or salvaged gems?


Decorganizing Wednesday: Mattress

According to Martha you are suppose to flip your mattress four times a year. Does anyone do this??? She suggests labeling the end of the mattress like hotels do with "January/April" and "October/July" so you will rotate it end-over-end and side-over-side.


123, ABC

I have always liked the concept of letters (or numbers) in a nursery, I mean why not have art that is functional! Designer Sara Richardson did it right (above) by taking letters of different fonts, sizes and painting them all different colors and hanging them above a rail at the top of the ceiling. Bravo! And I don't mind seeing the child's name written on the wall but let's face it, this concept has been WAY over done (thanks Pottery Barn!). But I am really digging the concept of doing something outside the box with a name or the alphabet. Like the designers of formbaby.com did in their son's nursery below where she used stencils to paint the name on the wall in a glossy finish against the matt wall (or perhaps they are decals?) either way she nailed it!

I think stainless letters/numbers would be cool and give the nursery a modern edge.

This custom made artwork is cute too!

I have always wanted to find vintage blocks and hang them on a wall, maybe in a large grid?

Anyone have any other "outside the box" types of ideas they have done or seen? Not creative?No worries. I did an etsy.com search and found some cute stuff out there and all you have to do is buy in and hang it on your wall!


Art For The Kiddies

I am helping a client with her daughter's room and due to my unnatural obsession with Barbie, I thought it could be cute to incorporate something from the doll icon as art. Well if you want to see some crazyass sh*t, search etsy.com for "Barbie Art"! Holy crap. It will take a while to get some of those images out of my head! But there is also some super cute stuff from the alphabet to wall decals to painted canvases so let me show you some of that instead...


Happy Birthday Hitchcock

Marion Cotillard in Psycho

Seth Rogen in North by Northwest

Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey, Jr. in To Catch a Thief

Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem in Rear Window

Charlize Theron in Dial M For Murder

Jodie Foster in Birds

Renee Zellwegger in Vertigo

Naomi Watts in Marnie

I meant to post this on Friday in honor of Alfred Hitcock's birthday. Yes, Friday the 13th! And yes, I am that big of a dorky fan. But I forgot so here is is. These images are from a 2008 Vanity Fair shoot with modern day actors/actresses depicting Hitchcock's most famous characters. Brilliant! See the full article here. And if you are a dorky fan like me or just into fashion, get this book...

Hitchcock Style

You can thank me later.



“Oh, I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at a time!”
-Drew Barrymore


Duralee Outdoor Fabric

Who knew there were so many Octopi (is that the plural of Octopus?) design related products out there!?! We are knee deep (get it?) in jellyfish season here since it is so stinkin' hot and yes, this is how my brain works...I know....I know. Give me a break, it is Friday people!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Birthday Gee if you are reading :)