Copy Cat?

This first image is one I pulled years ago of an old French window turned mirror hanging above a sofa as a diptych art piece. (Sorry that I don't know the designer, photographer or magazine! Anyone?) If you know me at all, then you know I am obsessed with circles! So I was going to have my carpenter recreate this concept in a client's home. Then I came across a similar mirror from Arteriors Home, a to-the-trade resource. I am not certain that they were inspired from this but I imagine so because their product came out about a year or so after this magazine feature. Interesting!

If you are interested in this piece, email me for pricing at sidney@eclectic-idg.com.

Happy Friday!


Hunter Boots

I'm sorry but is there anything cuter than a kid in galoshes?
How much fun is it to say galoshes?

I love listening to rain as you are falling into a slumber! The past two nights of night time rain have me dreaming of purchasing some Hunter boots. Now what color should I get so they will match my decor???

Catalog Living

I have to thank my cousin-in-law (is that even a term?) for passing this along to me, it gave me quite the chuckle! This blog takes catalog photos and creates funny captions like the following....

Gary has no idea what exactly Elaine does in the shower every day, but he certainly knows better than to touch her wooden shower spoon or shower branch.

If you want to see more, click here.

On an unrelated note, anyone know of any fun design related apps for an iPhone that are useful? Or just fun? Leave me a comment!



Better late than never....sorry, had an install yesterday and totally forgot about a post! I also went to see my good friend Katie who just had her baby and I have to share with you her (well her sister's) brilliant idea. She bought some inexpensive canvases from Michael's and made hand and footprints of her darling baby to hang on the nursery wall.....O....M....G! Love!

While I am at it, I thought I would share some pictures of her nursery...

And for the record because I believe giving credit where credit is due....I DID NOT do this nursery, this was all my talented friend Katie! But here is a recent e-decorating plan I DID do for a client. If you are interested in my services, please email me at sidney@eclectic-idg.com for more information.

Have a great weekend!!!


Decorganizing Wednesday: Important Documents

Congrats to Stacey Bunch of The Whole Package for being the winner of The Home Organizing Workbook: Clearing Clutter, Step by Step! I hope you find this book handy! And to the rest of you, thanks for submitting your organizing challenges and requests for topics on Decorganizing Wednesday, I really appreciate it! Keep the ideas coming....

Real Simple

Now this isn't exciting but I do think it is really important. And it is a handy guide from Stacey's new book on what bills/documents you need to keep and what you can toss. So save it or print it out and keep it somewhere you can remember and refer to it as needed. Need more information? Click here for good article from Real Simple.


Leaded Window Panes (Sing It Like In The Christmas Waltz)

Lead paint is bad but leaded window panes are good!

(Assuming these are all lead but if not, you get the idea.)

And remember, one more day to give me your organizing dilemma to be entered into the contest to get this book...

The Home Organizing Workbook: Clearing Your Clutter, Step by Step

Or better yet, send me a photo of your unorganized space and I will give you free organizing tips/advice in exchange for letting me feature your organizing problem on my blog (unanimous of course!). Email me at sidney@eclectic-idg.com!


Keep It Tight

I love, love, love a perfectly symmetrical and art grouping. But man do I hate to hang them. Hence why I employ Brent Haven of Haven's Framing to come hang them for me. He is great! Not only the owner but he does his own handy work...love that! If you don't have Brent around then there are some tricks to hanging your own. The key is to pre-plan! And a little note is to keep the frames tight, if they are too far apart they look disjointed. It depends on the size of your grouping and the size of your wall but I say no more than three inches apart. Apartment Therapy has a good article here. And do yourself a favor and get one of these bad boys...

Stanley 77-154 SP5 FatMax Five Beam Laser Kit

I like how these folks have worked the sconces into the art grouping. It adds a little more interest by breaking up the flat grouping with a 3D object yet everything is still really symmetrical.


I'm A Big Fan...

I'm a big fan of the outdoor living room. I feel like I have been really negative this week, maybe because I didn't feel good. Plus I was bummed that I had too much work to do and couldn't spend all week with my nephews in Beaufort as I had hoped. Regardless, I wanted to end the week on a good note! I love the idea of a decorated and lived-in outdoor room that you can actually enjoy! God bless you outdoor fabrics and polypropylene rugs. Here are some prime examples...


Gettin' Lucky In The Bedroom?

My brother and his lovely wife are vacationing in Ireland. Jealous much? So what, I watched the movie Leap Year last night. Yeah, somehow it did not compare. Anyhoo, I was thinking Irish which lead to "green" and "lucky"...so why not put pics of green bedrooms on my blog. Get it? Yeah, it's a stretch but you try to come up with a new post every day!


Decorganizing Wednesday: I Need Your Help!

I need help coming up with topics for Decorganizing Wednesday so I am starting a little contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post or send me an email at sidney@eclectic-idg.com with a topic you would like me to cover and you will be entered into the random drawing to win this book...

Home Organizing Workbook: Clearing Your Clutter, Step-By-Step

Home Organizing Workbook: Clearing Your Clutter, Step-By-Step

by Meryl Starr

And if you are feeling really industrious, send me a picture of your unorganized space and I will provide you with some organizing tips, free of charge, in exchange for allowing me to feature your organizing dilemma on my blog. I promise to keep it anonymous!!!

So get going. Contest deadline is Wednesday, July 21st!


Pro or Con: Floating Shelves

I am veheminatly against floating wall shelves (and brackets for that matter) that serve no purpose. And I see it SO often! I know they sell them everywhere and people buy them to fill up space on a wall but they have no idea how to a) hang them and b) accessorize them.

Please don't ever do this!!!
(I am so sorry to you, whoever you are!!! But I had to prove my point.)

You will see that I only have a certain style of floating shelves represented here and that is because I am biased, this is the only kind I like. Why? They are designed to be installed into studs so that they can actually hold weight and not pull out of the wall. And they hold more than a single candle.

I think they are great to add architectural detail to a niche like this...

Or in a child's room to keep precious toys out of reach!

(LOVE how Lee K. added the rod underneath to hang clothes!)

They are also great in a kitchen to break up all the heavy cabinetry...

And who says they have to be wood? LOVING the marble!

And when done right, I like them to display art or photos...

And look at this clever minx, great idea when you are short on space!