Decorganizing Wednesday: Shoes

Ahh, shoes.

As you may know, in addition to being an interior designer, I am also a closet designer. And every (and I do mean every!) client says "Oh, I have A LOT of shoes!" But what I find funny is that "A LOT" is a relative term. What is A LOT of shoes to you? 20 pair? 200 pair? 2, 000 pair?

There once was an old lady who lived in a shoe...er house....who had so many shoes that she didn't know what to do. So she called me. Seriously, she easily had 2, 000 pairs of shoes covering every square inch of space in her bedroom! Not to mention trash cans full of shoes hidden in her closet. She wanted a place to house her addiction. I, on the other hand, wanted to give her the number of a good therapist.

So after that experience, I find it funny when people with 20 pair of shoes tell me they have "A LOT" of shoes. But whether you have 20 or 2, 000 you must find a way to store them, right? So here goes...

Do you line them up in a row?

Or do you encase them like important artifacts?

Or do you display them like a tabletop vignette?

Or do you have a mini-photoshoot with your footwear and label their boxes by photo?

Or do you just label them?

Or do you have a super creative solution that makes your shoes look like art? Let's face it some of them are! I mean Milano's were not made for walkin'!

Or do you mount them on the wall for easy viewing?

Let's face it, I am not reinventing the wheel here, just showing you some inspiration! But speaking of a wheel, check this crazy-ass thing out....


It is like a game show...step right up and spin the wheel to see what shoes you will wear today!


Pro or Con: Painted Stripes

I don't know...I am iffy on the circus/prison stripes. I feel like everyone did this like 8-10 years ago. But, I have seen some images lately that haven't looked so dated. Maybe the key is to keep the decor simple? And keep the stripes tone on tone so it doesn't look like a circus tent? Or better to just go for it? What do you think?

I like that they took it to the ceiling. Makes the image above look unfinished. Although I do hear "dodododidaloohooo" playing in my head...(that is "Entrance of the Gladiators" for those of you that couldn't get my humming).

Now stripes on the horizontal...that I could get on board with!!! PRO, PRO, PRO!

Bravo to you Mary McDonald for taking it to the next level!!!

I love you Lonny but if I were a man bathing in this room then I would definitely be scared to drop the soap!


My Latest Hunting Trip

As I mentioned before, I went to my cousin's wedding in Statesboro, Georgia. As we pulled into town there was nothing but farms and farmland until "what to my wondering eyes should appear"...but antique stores galore! But with a weekend packed full of wedding and birthday activities there was just no time. Absolute torture!!! But I have been doing some junk store hunting lately and thought I would share some of my current finds....

I like your yellow outfit but I would 86 the vinyl and do a knubby linen instead.

This kitchy seahorse would be a cool doorstopper at a beach house or in a little girl's bedroom.

This pen and ink of a train would be so cute in a little boys bedroom!

I would give you a turquoise or green mat and a new updated frame.

Too bad they didn't have another "L" (get it? LOL)

I am a sucker for old foundry parts as art on a wall, tabletop or bookshelf.

Saw this at Habitat in Mt. P for you local folks who covet a campaign dresser.

Or desk. They might look ugly now but they can look like this...

I SO want to paint you a fun color and put you on my porch!

I would give you a new outfit. Maybe something like this...

Trina Turk Santorini Print
for Schumacher


Big Wagner Weekend

I can't believe that this cutie pie will be 8 this weekend! Where does the time go???

Happy Birthday Finn!!!

He was distraught when he found out that our cousin, JD, was getting married on his birthday (how dare him!) and said (rather forcefully) that he wasn't going. I wouldn't be surprised if he took it upon himself to plan his own party, excluding any family member that dare to choose the wedding over his celebration. The nerve. Of course knowing my sweet cousin, he will find a way to include Finn in his special day. [Pause while my heart melts.] Alright we are headed to bare witness to their blissful union....look out Statesboro, Georgia...here come the Wagners!

The happy couple


Big Ass Baskets

Anyone that has ever been to my house knows that I love baskets. In fact, most of my friends tease me about it (yeah Lauren, I mean you). Now I am not prejudice in the size, shape or color of my baskets-all kinds have a place in my life. However, I am especially partial to big ass baskets. Baskets so large that you can barely fit them in your car much less find a spot for them in your home. These images celebrate baskets that are large and in charge!


Decorganizing Wednesday: Toilet Paper

I know you are thinking WTF? right now and rightfully so. But this is an important topic for me and one that could also go in my "Designing Pet Peeve" segment because I am anti-toilet paper holder. I know, I know...SO weird. And why do I have so many pet peeves in the bathroom? Do I spend too much time in there? I mean really. If I had a Design Therapist he could probably attribute it to the fact that growing up our toilet paper holder was defective and it took like five times and five minutes of chasing around the inner spring to get a new roll on the holder. So I would leave it like this and it drove my brother crazy.

So now that I am all grown up and have my own place, I keep mine on a shelf...

Or in a decorative basket...

Or in a glass canister like this...
(You can find these at Homegoods.)

This cracks me up...you know a man came up with this one!

How could I talk about toilet paper without mentioning toilet paper oragami???

Or word of the day toilet paper?

The last thing I will say on this subject is that you should always and I mean ALWAYS splurge for the Charmin. None of this sandpaper crap. UN-acceptable.



And while I am at it....