Long Weekend...Here I Come!


I am going to pretend this is where I will be spending my Memorial Day Weekend! Not that I am complaining, Charleston ain't too shabby. And I am excited to be attending the SOS Memorial Day Party at the new Lookout Pavilion at Patriot's Point. Hope you are too! You can get tickets here (all proceeds go to benefit breast cancer patients on a local level). So after this event, some fun on the beach/boat and many, many cocktails, I want to spend Monday here....

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Or let's be honest, curled up on the sofa watching trash TV. Bravo, I am counting on you!!!


Outdoor Showers

Coastal Living

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Coastal Living

Coastal Living

Of course I couldn't find the main image I was looking for which I have been saving for years. It was of an outdoor shower made of concrete with oyster shells embedded into the walls. Amazing! Anyhoo..I love an outdoor shower and think it can be great and super functional if you live at the beach. But they can be super creepy if you don't live at the beach. Like the time I was house sitting for some friends and they told me to beware of the neighbor that bathed every morning in their outside shower which was in clear view to the bedroom I was staying in. Bizarro! And this one time on spring break, I was staying in a house in Hilton Head in which the inside master shower had a glass wall that you could open up a wood door on the exterior of the house so that all the neighbors and/or people at the pool could watch you shower. I am assuming that Hugh Hefner owned the house.


Decorganizing Wednesday: Make-Up

How do you organize your make-up? In pretty little jars on a vanity? In a drawer? In a fancy make-up bag?

Real Simple

Real Simple

Trish McEvoy

I have mine organized in a drawer but I do like my Trish organizer for sleepovers. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that there is a compartment for everything! Bravo Trish, bravo. As you already know, make-up can go bad. I did some research and found this article Real Simple did a while back. Some products have a PAO (Period After Opening) icon on the packaging that will help you keep tabs on the freshness but if not, you can refer to this chart.

Mascara/Liquid Eyeliner
Lasts: 3-4 mos
Toss it sooner if you get an infection, pink eye or the tube goes dry.

Powders (eye shadow, blush, face powder)
Lasts: Up to two years
Toss it sooner if it gets suspiciously crumbly or shiny.

Lipstick, lip gloss, balm
Lasts: A year with wand, two years with direct brush application
Toss it sooner if you get a cold sore or other lip infection. (duh!)

Lasts: Up to 3 years, with sharpening
Toss it sooner if it becomes unusually dry or melty.

Liquid Foundation
Lasts: Up to 2 years
Toss it sooner if the color changes or separation occurs.

Moisturizer: Face or Body
Lasts: About 2 years in a pot; 2-3 years in a pump
Toss it sooner if you notice a change in the smell or consistency.

So my brother used the term "decorganizing" last weekend and I about died. LOVE IT! I am not sure what tickled me more that someone used the word in a sentence or that my brother reads my blog! Now if only I had coined the term instead of Tina Fey.

I need some help....anyone have anything they want me to talk about on Decorganizing Wednesday? Leave me a comment or send me an email sidney@eclectic-idg.com.


Clever Uses For Wallpaper (Part 100)

I feel like I talk about clever uses for wallpaper way too much on this blog but for all you local folks...The Habitat for Humanity store in Mt. Pleasant inherited the inventory from Carriage Trading Co. (formarly Chuck Campbell's Wallpaper) and all rolls are on sale for $1. They are pretty picked over but they do have a lot left and you can use the wallpaper for many uses other than the obvious-covering books, wrapping paper, drawer liners, to cover a bulletin board, arts and crafts, etc. Get goin'!!! [Thanks for the tip Katie!]

Real Simple

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Real Simple


Martha Stewart

Country Living


Happy Friday!

I am headed to The ATL today to see all my friends-Usher, Chilli, Genuine, The Real Housewives...

actually I don't know any of those people. But I really am going to Atlanta.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Decorganizing Wednesday: Small Spaces, Large Impact

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Typically, I am a bit of a minimalist. Not too many prints or accessories. However, I am a big fan of packing it in when you are living in a small space. Think function first, then make it look pleasing. Some good tips to take from these images are: use pretty baskets or bins to organize unsightly items, use art to break up a massive bookcase of not so pretty books, use furniture for double duty (like this desk as a nightstand or this sofa which can double as a bed), use every inch of space (storing magazines under the coffee table) and I say keep the walls and architecture one color so that all of your "stuff" stands out like a punctuation mark!




Does anyone watch Jerseylicious? No, not Jersey Shore it is the low-budge knock off. Well I did for the first time last night. OMG. Now I will throw out a disclaimer because I realize that not everyone in or from Jersey is like this. Just like everyone from Georgia is not a toothless redneck who says "ain't." But this show (however fake it may be) does make me laugh. On the episode I watched last night, the two girls that live together redecorated their apartment. I wish I knew how to show you a picture of the after (if someone has it, please email it to me so I can add it!!!). But it went a lil' somethin' like this...

These are not direct quotes but I was frantically trying to write down what they were saying about their makeover and this was all I could capture...

"There are rules, you can't just put animal print on animal print."
Um, really?

"We call it Junglelicious!"
I think I just vomited in my mouth.


Natural Rugs

Natural rugs kick ass. They fit into any decor and add a great texture. They come in many weaves and patterns. Here are just a few!

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful


I love layering animal skins over them! Like this...


Or a hand knotted rug like this...

Anyone know where I can get a round, natural rug like this???


Four Chair Grouping

Cottage Living


Coastal Living

House Beautiful

I once tried to convince a client to do a four chair grouping because she essentially had two living rooms within one large space and I thought this was a great solution to have various seating options and it was right in front of a large fireplace. She didn't go for it. But I just think she couldn't envision it in the space. Well about a year later I went in her house and guess what she had...a four chair grouping in front of the fireplace. The moral of this story? I am always right. (kidding, sorta)