I Need Some Girl Time...

Cottage Living

Cottage Living

So if you know me at all or have ever read this blog you know how much I adore my newphews! However every time they are shooting me with pretend guns or asking me to be Princess Lea while we play Star Wars I think "why couldn't my brother give me just one niece so I can do her hair and play dress-up or create a Barbie compound in the playroom!" Several of my friends are having little girls in the next few months and I think that I will just have to rent them out on the weekends for some girl time!

Have a great weekend!


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (literally)...

I just love this concept...what a great way to open up a small space and give yourself a full length mirror to check out your outfit head to toe! And you can see, it's not your 1980's mirrored wall my friends! If you are local and need someone to do this call Justin Walling with Charleston Architectural Glass 843.452.0427, he does a great job. He just installed an antique mirror backsplash in a client's kitchen (pictures to come) and it is beautiful!


Decorganizing Wednesday: Closets and Dressers

Unknown (help?)

In my experience as a closet designer, it seems that most people want to get all of their clothes into the closet verses having a dresser in the bedroom. I LOVE this idea! You can find inexpensive dressers at flea markets, yard sales or your local IKEA to house all of your personals inside your closet. Get creative and label the drawers like this clever minx did. I mean why not???


It Is Better To Look Good, Than To Feel Good...

House Beautiful

via pink wallpaper



You might not be the most comfy seats out there but I just adore you! All of you!


Before & After: Blue Chickadee

Remember the post I did on my friend Way Way of Blue Chickadee a while back...she makes all the amazing totes, wall canvases, onseies, aprons, notecards, diaper covers, etc.? Well she bought these frames made of salvaged wood from me on my site Objects...

And look at what she did with them!!!

So cute!!!


Attention: Commitment Phobes

Designer Ruthie Sommers

via Shelter Blog

via Shelter Blog


Eddie Ross

If you are a commitment-phobe then wallpaper panels are for you! A great way to get a big impact without regret. And if you are on a budget you can often find remnants at wallpaper stores or antique malls for a steal. You can frame them through your local frame shop or have a carpenter build you a custom frame.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


It's About Time

A client asked me to look for a wall clock for her. I have never hung a clock on the wall in my years of doing design and realized that is because I don't have any clocks in my own home! I don't even own a watch. I am sure there is some psychology behind that which would be interesting to learn. Anyway, I am sorry to my clients for projecting my own time beliefs onto you! These images got me to thinking if you are going to hang a clock on a wall...why not go big!

Country Style
(not a clock, but still...)

House Beautiful
(1930's Philidelphia Factory Clock)

I am so PO'ed...I cannot find the third photo I was looking for which was in the Atlanta store South of Market I took a couple of years ago when they had this huge canary yellow industrial French wall clock and of course they worked the rest of the vignette around it brilliantly. Boo! If I find it I will add because it was killer.


Art Lights

I am obsessed (OBSESSED-whispered like the son on the show Middle) with art lamps especially the swing arm variety and especially in unexpected places like this brilliance...

via Pink Wallpaper

Elle Decor

Elle Decor


House Beautiful

I put one in my powder room over the rustic wood mirror and it is pretty badass. I would take a photo but it is hard to get a good picture in a tiny powder room of a light and a mirror....something I have yet to master. I hope that a nicer camera and photography classes with combat that one day. Until then just picture my powder room being a total badass.

(Mine is hardwired)

With this mirror....

On top of this grasscloth...

Badass, right?



My friend/client/marketing expert (who is super talented if you need someone call her Eskimo Advertising) asked me for a picture of me in a room I have designed. I don't have one. But I use to work for this designer who I think has a photo of her in every room she has ever been in. (You know the type.) Well, I saw this photo in House Beautiful last night and just loved it. You go Thomas! Way to be cute, charming AND natural.

[Love the non-fussy, perfectly put together room!]

So what type of "poser" are you?
Here are some photos I have collected over the years of my design role models to help you decide.

Are you a diva who matches your outfit to the room?
[I kinda want to be this person. Is that wrong?]

Or are you classic and timeless?
This photo could have been taken 50 years ago and will probably look current in another 50 years.
[Love that!]

Or are you relaxed and casual?
[Love animals in the photos! Shows a lived in home.]

Or are you a little bit witty?
[Eddie cracks me up...I am dying to know what is going through his head!]

I think Celerie does an excellent job of achieving all three: she is classic, she shows her personality, she is relaxed and she matches her interiors!
[Well played Celerie, well played.]


My Apologies

Oh my poor blog...how I have neglected you so. My posts have been pretty lame for the last month or so. My sincere apologies. I love blogging so much but just have not had the time to devote to it like I want to (boo hoo). I haven't even had much time to read all of my favorite blogs (sniff, sniff). I feel the need to say this to you (outloud-ish) so that I will be committed to re-focusing on this hobby that I so enjoy. Starting tomorrow.....until then, I am in desperate need of some help from my designer/blogger friends. I pre-sold 3 of these bad boys to a client and they are beyond perfection for their newly remodeled kitchen. However, they are no longer available. HELP! I haven't told the clients yet as I refuse to accept defeat. The wife reads my blog so I also hope to get to her with good news before she sees this. Do any of you know who manufactured these bar stools? Or know where I can get three? I will owe you immensely. I cannot go to Highpoint as expected so I am super desperate.

You can leave me a message or email me sidney@eclectic-idg.com. Thanks!




I am assuming this is an outdoor bar.
I will be bellying up to one of these bad boys (location yet to be determined) at 5:00 sharp.

Have a great weekend!


Dorris Day

I saw my first Dorris Day film when I was in high school. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was channel surfing when I became mesmerized by the interior shots of her character's apartment in the film Pillow Talk. I was hooked. Not only was her character an interior designer, but the movie was good! For those of you who don't know [shame on you!], Doris Day was the Julia Roberts/Cameron Diaz/Renee Zellwegger/Kate Hudson of the 50's/60's. Her (along with Rock Hudson) can be credited, perhaps, with creating the romantic comedy genre but if not, they certainly perfected the whole "miscommunication/sexual innuendo" style humor.

Although Dorris Day had many hits like Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers, Pillow Talk is by far my favorite of the Dorris Day franchise. As I mentioned before, Dorris Day's character, Jan Morrow, is an interior designer who shares a "partyline" with her playboy neighbor, Brad Allen, played by Rock Hudson. Without giving too much of the plot away, the movie plays out a little something like this...characters meet, something silly ensues, they hate each other, they fight, they exude massive amounts of sexual tension, then said characters realize they are in love, cue the bestselling movie soundtrack and finally roll the credits. Pretty much standard formula for a romantic comedy however this film is wildly entertaining, slightly provocative and despite being shot in 1959, it is still relateable today. Not to mention, it was nominated for several Oscars including Best Art Direction-Set Decoration. Here are a few images to wet your appetite...now go rent it or buy it today!!! Or watch the intro clip here.

~Images: Courtesy of hookedonhouses.net


Decorganizing Wednesday: P.S. I Made This...

P.S. I Made This...

I stumbled upon this site via Facebook (I believe) and was excited to see her featured in Lonny this month. Erica Domesek is a DIY expert with a self-proclaimed movement to re-imagine, re-invent and re-use items in creative ways. You really need to go check out her site. She will make you want to bedazzle something.

I tried to copy these images but didn't know how (anyone? anyone?). Check out her craft organization on page 15 and 16 of the current issue of Lonny Magazine. Take that Martha! She dips all of her crafting tools into gold paint-says that is her signature. That is kinda badass.


Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

I kinda feel bad for all of the homeless armoires out there since the invention of the flat screen TV. But I am happy to have more design freedom than revolving a room around a large TV cabinet. And it has been interesting to witness the design world adapt to the change in technology. As you might guess, I am more interested in the creative and customized solutions than the standard issue stock variety but each has its place in society so here goes...

Me Likey!

I really like the idea of using architectural pieces like this.

I don't know if the owners hid a TV behind those old doors or not but it would be a lot cooler if they did!

And these smart folks used the space under the stairs to do some built-in cabinets that when closed, gives the illusion of a flat wall with amazing architectural detail. Kudos!

Ok, these are the standard stock issue variety I was referring to earlier...still smart, just more obvious. There is a frame surrounding the flat screen and the art actually rolls down to conceal the television. You can choose from their art or submit your own artwork. Additionally, there is a mirror option where you can see the TV picture when it is on but you just see the mirror when it is off.
via homeimprovementsdepot.com

Eh. A little to Star Trek-ish for me.
via homeimprovementsdepot.com

Check out this craziness...it lifts out from under the bed!
I am thinking the person that buys this also has a recliner with a built-in cooler.
via homeimprovementsdepot.com

Y'all have any other ideas? Leave me a comment!