Deja Vu

Sorry, I have had a heck of a week, my brain is overloaded and I am a little burnt out on design (it does happen!). So, I am going to talk about what I just did which was finally getting around to seeing this movie...

I had such high hopes. An amazing concept!
At least it was when it came out the first time...

But what a horrible script! And how much did each of these big whigs get paid for their 15 minute appearance? Kinda makes me sick.
Thank heavens for you...

I know I know, but I just adore him!
(If you haven't seen this movie, you should do so immediately.)

And you Bradley Cooper....
Just please don't get over exposed!

I could have done without this story line...

But I assume it wasn't for my age bracket.

And this one...

Although you are both very charming.

And this one...
However, I do appreciate the eye candy.

I did like this story line...

And of course this one...

But this was my favorite part of the movie....

Have a great weekend!


These (S)Nookie(s) are (J)WOWW!


Elle Decor

via Handmade Charlotte

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House Beautiful

Home Magazine

You can tell when I am tired...my posts are about beds in some way shape or form. Today I am dreaming of hiding out in one of these bad boys. Don't they look cozy? I would like to say I would curl up with a good book but honestly, here is The Situation, I just want to sleep. Or perhaps have a fully loaded DVR filled with all my favorite mindless trash television (like Jersey Shore perhaps). Kinda reminds me of my freshman year dorm room when I had that loft built so I could put a futon in underneath. Nice. Makes you want to fist pump doesn't it?


See, everyone's doing it!

Even this A-Hole.


Decorganizing Wednesday: Handbags & Plumbing...Who Knew?

I used these pluming pieces in my dressing area to hold all of my bags. I totally copied the idea from a local clothing boutique but it is a fairly cheap and you can get these pipes in a variety of lengths (you can find them at Lowe's, Home Depot or better yet your local hardware store). Plus, they are easy to change out if you decide you want a longer or shorter length based on your needs. They are heavy as sin so you will need to brace them with a wall cleat as I have done here (the cleat is drilled into the studs so it can hold the weight of the pipes then I painted the cleat out the same color as the wall). I realize some of you might be thinking "what the ___?" but if you like the industrial look then this might work for you. And yes, I am aware of how phallic it looks!

I created this rod to hang my scarves from...


Design Crush: Sara Gilbane

Designer Sara Gilbane

If you are a fellow blogger/design enthusiast then you have undoubtedly read the current issue of Lonny. If you are not, go read it now. [Well, after you finish reading my blog please.] Featured is the home of NY Designer, Sara Gilbane. I have been reading about Sara for a while now and I am glad that she is finally getting some great press because she was one of the many set to be featured in Domino just before it folded (wawawa). In December, House Beautiful named her one of the "20 New Designers to Watch" and her phone hasn't stopped ringing since. [A problem I would be happy to have.] Looking for my phone number? You can find it here.

After years of studying under famed designer, Celerie Kemble, Sara finally decided to leave and start her own firm, Sara Gilbane Interiors. Like most designers these days, she mixes traditional style with modern and youthful pieces but in my opinion Sara's signatures are her use of color and her attention to detail. Sara stresses the importance of layering which allows her interiors to look lived in and as if they were accumulated over time versus staged for a photoshoot. That is something I totally agree with.....rock on.

In her Lonny article, Sara is quoted as "having a crush on fabrics." If you saw my fabric closet (yes, I said fabric closet) then you would understand why I too have a crush on fabrics. Here are some of her designs and if you would like to hear more about Sara go read this interview by Marisa over at Stylebeat.


My Online Shop, Objects

Don't forget to check out my online shop, Ob-jects! I have WAY neglected it lately but I just spent some quality time over there reducing prices and adding new merchandise. There will be a new object added each day for the next couple months so keep checking back!!!

Please remember that pricing does not include shipping and if you are interested you can either leave a comment or email me at sidney@eclectic-idg.com but please put "objects" in the subject line because those emails tend to go to my junk folder for some reason. Many thanks!


Oh, To Be a Kid Again...



Better Homes & Gardens


Living, Etc.

via Dwell

Seriously, kids really don't know how great they have it. No worries, no responsibilities...their biggest stress is what to play next. Ahh, jealous. Anyway, I am helping a client/new friend with her children's playroom and found all these great images for inspiration and wanted to share. I can't wait to see how it turns out....she has great taste and is open to some of my crazy and overly anal retentive ideas.

**Sorry for not knowing the source of many of these photos. Anyone know?


Mother Shuckers!

When I was a kid I remember being at dinner on a family vacation and saying that when I grow up I want to own a restaurant called "Mother Shuckers." My brother almost spit out his she crab soup laughing, my dad beamed with pride while my mom rolled her eyes in embarrassment. Sorry mom! Oyster roasts are common events in Charleston and as much as I love eating them, I also like using them in decor (cleaned up of course). I am all about the R, R, R!

House Beautiful

Cottage Living

Oly Sconce

Wisteria Candleholder $49

Wisteria Mirror $399

Currey Mirror

Then the oyster sticks started popping up all over market. These are the pieces of wood in which oyster shells have once been attached. What do you think? I kinda like it but I am biased as I like anything coastal.


Wisteria Oyster Stick Lamp $399

Wisteria Oyster Stick Mirror $249

BoBo Intriguing Objects Chandelier

BoBo Intriguing Objects Lamp