Please Tell Me You Aren't Out Shopping Today!

Anyone get a crap gift? If so, I want to hear about it...

The worst Christmas gift I ever received was when I was in the fourth grade. That summer I met some cousins for the first time and for Christmas they sent me a.....wait for it...wait for it....basket full of acne medicine. [I should probably point out the fact that I had horrible acne and was incredibly insecure about it.] Yeah, nothing like making a kid cry on Christmas day.

If you got screwed on gifts and want to buy something you really want (ahh, that's the Christmas spirit!) then check out my online store, Objects. I have added many new products and reduced the price of others so check it out here !


Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays!
(my blogging might be slim until the new year so cheers until then!)

~Image: via Rita K


Over the lips and through the gums, lookout stomach here it comes.Yay God!!!

~Images: 1) via housetohome 2) via nathanfurniture.com 3) via roomenvy 4) Cottage Living 5) Coastal Living 6) via shelter blog


I'm So Proud!

My talented father was in the Beaufort Gazette today for his amazing watercolors! He designed a Hunting Island Lighthouse ornament and coastal inspired gift cards that are still available for purchase. All proceeds benefit Camp Treasure Chest (a six-week summer camp for children and adults with special needs) aided by Beaufort County Disability and Special Needs where my amazing mother is the director. Check out the full article here.

Wrap Awards

In case you are a last minute wrapper, here is some inspiration!

~Images: 1) Traditional Home 2-4 ) Country Living 5, 6) Country Home 7,8) Real Simple


Looking for Some Magazine Issues

I am looking for some issues of some of my favorite magazines that I seem to be missing. If anyone has these and is willing to part with them, please let me know! I am willing to pay!

Here is my wish list.....

Cottage Living
March 2007
January 2008
February 2008

March 2007
June 2007
July 2007
September 2007

Coastal Living
March 2007
May 2008
June-Dec 2009 (not sure what happened to my subscription???)

I have tried ebay for some of these and had no luck with these specific issues. I really appreciate your help!!!

Many thanks,


Trimmin' The Tree

I am sure you have trimmed your tree by now...but since it usually takes me until the week before Christmas to get in the spirit, I am sharing these now. Maybe you can file them away for next year!

I love, love, love this idea! Luggage tags with photos of everyone that is in their family, friends, significant others, etc. Love!

Love the "numbers" theme.

Non-traditional trees are SO fun! If I ever have children they will each have their own tree (see, I can say things like that because I don't have children.)

I kinda like these non-tree, trees too!



~Images: 1 and 2) Better Homes and Gardens 3) Country Home 4 and 5) Country Living 6) Coastal Living 7) Cottage Living 8) via shelter blog 9) Charlie Brown


Merry Christmas. Shitter Was Full.

Cousin Eddie

Re: Yesterday's mention of my distaste for the color red...in case I a) offended anyone b) lost some readers (oops) or c) discouraged anyone who loves red from hiring me (double oops!) I wanted to clarify that I have decorated homes using red many times and I was not secretly gagging in the corner...each time I was excited about and really pleased with how it looked! Honest. I can get on board with red. It is just not the first color I go to which I think is directly correlated to the fact that I don't look good wearing the color red. I also want to point out that my good friend loves the color red, she has a good bit of it in her home (mainly in amazing rugs) and I think her place is stunning!!! (Anne, I mean you!) So bottom line-don't want to marry red but I will date it for a little while. And thank you Southern Exposure for backing me up on that one!!!

One more rant then I am done...I use to work in retail. And this propels me to ask the following question: Why do people have to be so mean this time of year?!?! And I don't mean the people working because I understand their horrid attitudes. Working retail sucks. I mean the customers! Yesterday at Target, I observed an overly rude lady tear into to this poor guy working in the electronics department because he wasn't helping her fast enough and he had the gall to actually help the other customers that were in line before her. His response to me "I hate the f'ing holidays." (however he used the real word).

It's a holly jolly Christmas, the best time of the year...

I hope some of these photos will help you find your happy place!

[I want the Golden's too!]


Totally gonna copy this.

I must have these ornaments! Andrea Ma jot...you Ma Rock!

~Images: 1) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2) Traditional Home 3) Coastal Living 4) Country Living 5) Real Simple 6) Family Circle 7) Better Homes & Gardens 8) etsy.com


Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra Ra

Admittedly (see, I got it now!), I am not the biggest fan of the holidays. I mean of course I love Christmas and all the parties and spending time with family-laughing, sharing fond memories, partaking in some spirits, eating good food, watching my nephews ruthlessly tear open gift after gift-but it is also super stressful! I mean this is the busiest time of year for my business then you add decorating clients homes for Christmas (which I love because I rarely get to do my own!) and then there is shopping for presents and traveling and making everyone happy and blah, blah, blah. But I am really trying this year. Really! I hope to be more like this...

Thanks for letting me vent :)

Now I am going to talk about some of the things I really dig as far as Christmas decorating goes. I was at a friend's house the other night and she had those lights on her tree that alternate between clear lights and colored lights. How have I never heard about these before? Brilliant. Totally solves one of life's many debates. [For the record, I am pro clear.] I am also loving anything natural and earthy-driftwood, paper whites, birch, seashells, garland, burlap, moss, boxwood...oh my.


Not the biggest fan of things that scream Christmas.

Unless you are going to an ugly Christmas sweater party.
Who came up with this idea? I want to be your best friend. If you are a guy, I might want to be more than friends.

And red is my least favorite color (except when it comes to the GA Bulldogs) so I tend to go for the creams, golds, silvers, greens and even, perhaps, a Tiffany blue. Typically, I love when you can incorporate holiday decor into your normal, everyday decor. Like this...

The brilliance that is Suzanne Kasler. You go Atlanta.

Here are some other images that inspire me...

Let's face it, pretty much everything she does kicks ass.

Ditto for Ruthie. Love the atypical color scheme!

Eddie Ross you are a rock star.
This makes me want to take back my red comment.

~Images: 1-2) Google ? 3) via MFaMB 4) ? 5) via Toby Fairley's blog 6 and 7) Cottage Living 8) eddieross.com


Foo Dogs

I spy...

Something scary. I am gonna say it....not a fan. [Let's pause for all the boo-hisses I am getting right now.] And I am so sorry to Angie because I love your work and hate to feature your images in a post on something I don't like!!! But I think they are ugly and overly trendy. However, I did a little bit of research on their meaning and I am starting to understand these little guys a bit more, at least as an art form. Clearly they are lion-like and often stand guard in front of temples, government buildings and such to act as protector and defender of law. Due to their devilish appearance, they were often put in front of tombs to ward off evil spirits. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors and obviously embody a lot of rich Chinese history. I won't go so far as to say I will never buy a pair because I also swore I would never wear skinny jeans again (oops!).

~Images: 1) pieces.com 2) Domino 3) via myfavoriteandmybest blog 4) via designsponge 5) Pottery Barn (see my comment about being trendy!!!) 6 and 7) Designer Angie Hranowsky