Part Deux

Don't you hate it when you are looking for an image and can't put your hands on it only to find it soon after making a post! Here are some images that I found, after the fact, that I have updated and I am linking back to the original post in case you missed it the first time around. Admitably, this is mainly for my own benefit because I have realized how useful it is to have all these images handy on my blog. But I hope you enjoy!

~Images: 1) Cottage Living 2) Unknown 3) Pottery Barn Book 4) Traditional Home 5) Coastal Living


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My apologies for not knowing the source of any of these photos! I pulled them in haste one day while getting inspired to decorate a client's home for her Thanksgiving supper and forgot to take notes. But they are all great images that will hopefully inspire you when entertaining your guests this Thanksgiving. I will be taking a short blogging break as I head to my parents in Beaufort to help babysit my three nephews. Three boys under the age of seven...I think grandma/grandpa need some backup! As I prepare to travel, I am reminded off all the blessings in my life-my wonderful family, my adorable nephews, my beautiful friends, my clients for allowing me to do something I truly love for a living and for being able to reside in such an amazing city!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Enjoy your turkey comas!


Design Inspiration

A friend of mine once said, (Lisa if you happen to be reading I am talking about you! And while I am giving her a shout out I should mention that she is the founder of the hugely popular Aspen Fashion Week. Check it out! So proud of her success!) but I digress....so she once said to me "I am in awe of the creative process." And I couldn't agree more!

As a creative person, it is so interesting to me how other creative types get their inspiration. For example, aspiring Project Runway designer, Carol Hannah (from Charleston-woo hoo!) explained that her collection on the finale was inspired by the architecture from a visit to the Duke campus. Not surprising as fashion and interior design often go hand-in-hand. Eventually, runway trends trickle down into the design world this perhaps is most apparent in the use of color. Domino magazine use to have a section where they would take an outfit and directly translate it into a room. Some of my fellow bloggers have continued this task like Two Ellie did here or as shown here with Anthropologie.

Creative inspiration behind a design can come from anything-a recent trip, watching an old movie, listening to a song, or a crab. Yes, I said a crab. While going through my sister-in-law's photos on Facebook, I came across this photo from our summer vacation on Fripp. I was staring at this photo for an unusually long time I finally realized why...it has all of my favorite colors in it. I could literally design a house based on this silly little crab!

(Paint color doesn't translate very well via Internet but you get the idea!)

Now go get inspired!

~Images: 1-3) via Flikr 4) Personal 5) SherwinWilliams.com


It's All In The Details...

The additon of the oval detailing in these typical french doors is just BRILLIANT! I had my carpenter install an oval design in the transom of a client's home. I think he wanted to kill me with all the math involved in making them but I think they turned out great!

~Images: 1) Designer Diamond Baratta 2) My Portfolio


We Need More Corbel(s)!

I love the idea of using old corbels and brackets in an interesting way. As I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with circles and found these great rusty, old iron brackets that I used to help delineate between my dining and living room.

Like them? Then you might like this too...

~Images: 1 and 2) Unknown 3) Designer Sara Robinson 4) Better Homes & Gardens March 2009 5) My Portfolio


Sex and The City: The Movie

Carrie's Apartment (the TV show)

Carrie's Apartment (the movie)

I realize this isn't a timely post but I am fascinated with set design and came across this interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the set decorator for the movie Sex and The City, Lydia Marks. She explains how her biggest challenge was recreating the character's apartments using key pieces from the TV show while updating the spaces in a way to show evolved time. Furthermore, she wanted each character's home to be a true reflection of their current place in life. Lydia also had to keep in mind that this was for film, not television which required more detailing of the set for viewing on the large screen. Want to read more of the article, click here.

Charlotte's Pre-War Park Avenue Apartment
reflects her new role as stay at home mom.

Miranda's Brooklyn Brownstone
reflects her new life as a wife and mother in which comfort and practicality are key!

Here are some tips Lydia Marks provides to give your space more of a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha vibe!

-- Lighting is one of the most important things to consider. Great lamps are sculpture and can change the feel of an entire room.

-- Color is an easy and inexpensive way to change the feel of a space. Look at the difference going from a pale blue to the intense electric blue made in Carrie's apartment.

-- Another way to change the color and feel of a room, without doing anything permanent, is with fabric. Recover a chair, make a beautiful new bed with a mixture of patterns and colors, make new curtains, make new throw pillows. All this can be done without investing a tremendous amount of money or time.

-- With accessories, often editing things out makes more of a statement than displaying a collection of things.

-- Most importantly to a set or a residential interior, keep it personal. The space should reflect the person who lives there. It should be filled with things you love, both newly designed and family heirlooms. That will give it the warmth and style that make it special and your own. (Amen to that!)

~Images: 1) Traditional Home July 2008 2) San Francisco Chronicle article June 14, 2008 and LATimesblogspot.com


Guess Who Lives Here?

I am curious at how many images into this post did you know who's apartment this was? Probably one of the most iconic sets from TV, obviously this is Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex and The City. I came across an interesting article on hbo.com in which set designer, Jeremy Conway, explains how important it was to have the set apartment match the true essence of Carrie Bradshaw. I think he did a brilliant job by making the closet the epicenter of this space illustrated with a walk-through (versus a walk-in) in which you have to "tour" the closet to access most rooms in her apartment. The decor is also a reflection of Carrie, comprised of a few investment pieces but mostly flea market finds all put together with her signature style.

I am such a believer in having your home, apartment, dorm, whatever be an expression of who you are! I was fascinated to read the amount of dedication that Jeremy took to make this apartment authentic even building furniture himself when he could not find the right piece. (P.S. I would totally do the same thing!). Even when the details did not read on film, he wanted the actors on set to understand the true core of Carrie through the overall feel of her apartment. He went so far as to having peeling plaster in the bathroom and phone cords draped above door frames. Love it! If you are equally as fascinated, you can read more of the article here. And look out for tomorrow's post when I talk about Sex and The City's transition from television set to movie set!

~Images: Courtesy of HBO.com


Feeling Dirty?

There is nothing like a white bathroom to make you feel clean!

~Images: 1-3)Unknown 4) Jayson Home and Garden 5) Unknown 6) Country Living


Where It All Began...

Sometimes people ask me how did I know I wanted to be an interior designer? And I always think back to a few key memories from my youth....

When I was in fourth grade my dad taught me how to draw my furniture to scale and sketch out a floorplan of my room on graph paper. I would then move the furniture around on the floorplan and create different ways to arrange the layout of my room. I think, in all honesty, he was just tired of me rearranging my room every month and assumed this would satisfy me instead! No such luck.

My father use to develop neighborhoods in Atlanta, so about this same time, my parents took me to my first designer showhouse for a neighborhood he had developed. I was hooked! I remember grabbing up all the brochures, photos and floorplans to take home with me. I begged him to take me to a showhouse pretty much every weekend after that. Again, we are talking 5th/6th grade here. [Dork]

My dad always had blueprints lying around his office in our house. I use to take them and just stare at them. I know it sounds ridiculous but to this day I get excited opening up a set of blueprints! I especially loved the draftsman handwriting and would practice it for hours. My cousin is an architect in New York and I realized that him and my father had the same handwriting. I thought this was super cool that an entire industry had a special style of writing and wanted so badly to be "in the club."

In middle school, we had a career day where you spent the day going around with an adult and shadowing them. Most kids, I assume, went around with one of their parents. My father's business partner was an interior designer and so he set it up for me to spend the day with her. I remember every detail of that day. She was a great mentor and really showed me the ropes. We went to the Merchandise Mart, a lighting store, a wallpaper store, a fabric store and to a couple of client's homes she was designing in the Country Club of the South. I remember thinking that I cannot believe this is an actual job where people pay you money! As I said before...I was hooked.

I could go on into the teen years of me painting my room on the weekends, rearranging my REM and U2 posters in a artful manner, asking for a closet organizing system for my 15th birthday...but I will stop. I think you get the idea! So to all my other designer/blogger friends...I am curious to know your stories! How did you know you wanted to be an interior designer? Is there a special memory? Or did you just fall into it? Do tell!


Design Crush: Ann Coyle

Chicago based designer, Ann Coyle, fell into interior design after renovating her own apartment over twelve years ago. From there a new career was born. According to her bio, her style is described as "...based in classicism and symmetry, employing a mix of modern and traditional forms to create tension and contrast." Her unique use of color can be contributed to her self-professed “loving of the color of Sweettarts” which is quite apparent in her beautiful designs.

She has developed a line of upholstery, casegoods, mirrors and lighting and also sells some vintage furniture finds all of which are available on her website, www.annecoyleinteriors.com.