Happy Halloween!!!

Ok, this is what I wanted to go as for Halloween but I couldn't convince any of my friends to be the rest of the cast. I know, I am shocked too. [For those of you that have better things to do, this is Kim from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.] So instead I will be a cowgirl (Lame! Does anyone watch Modern Family? Well this comment is lame.). Now my dad gets major props on my blog for his artistic talents but my mom deserves a shout-out here because she hand-made all of our Halloween costumes growing up. No plastic KMart cr*p for us! Lucky kids we were. This probably contributed to my brother's obsession with Halloween. He is the guy in the neighborhood who digs fake graves and hides in the bushes wearing a Jason mask. I am not that hardcore but I do enjoy dressing up. Here is a little montage of my favorite former Halloween costumes (too bad I don't have photos of me in them! Or should I say, thankfully, I don't have photos of me in them.)...

This is who my sister-in-law (funny lady) thought I should be last year...

(Yes, that is Brett Michael's from Poison and Rock of Love fame!)

Happy Halloween!!!


Check Yes, No or Maybe

How are we feeling about bold printed wallpaper in major rooms of the house?

Do these images make you feel...

Fearful of commitment?
Like you are at grandmas's house?
Like you are staying at a Colonial B&B?
Like you are touring a designer showhouse?
Like you are you having a bad Laura Ashley acid-like flashback?

Could you sleep soundly in a room with this much pattern?

Could you have a relaxed meal with this much pattern going on?

Or should we relegate these mammoth prints to smaller spaces like powder rooms, closets and entry ways?

I want to hear your opinion...I really, really do! So leave me a comment.

~Images: 1) Better Homes & Gardens 2) Unknown 3) House Beautiful 4) Elle Decor 5) Designer Ann Coyle 6) Designer Jonathan Adler 7) Elle Decor 8) Country Home 9) Designer Tom Scheerer 10) Quadrille


I Don't Garden

It's no joke. I could kill a cactus. Oh, and did I mention that my father is a landscape architect? What a disgrace! Yeah, I am guessing that is a trait that skips a generation. I have hopes that someday I will enjoy this past-time but as of now, I prefer to pay the kid next door to cut my grass and to buy my vegetables, herbs and flowers from the Whole Foods. But I think if I had a cute little shed like this one (above) or as organized as this one (below), I might reconsider taking up the hobby!

~Images: Better Homes & Gardens March 2009 and Martha Stewart Living



Sometimes you can find old metal letters from vintage signs but it is often hard to find the right letters to spell an actual word. But if you have something you REALLY need to say...try these letters from Ballard or these zinc letters Anthropologie or these galvanized ones (only spelling "cool") from Pottery Barn. Good ol' PB also has many that are better suited for children's rooms.

~Images: 1) via Pinkwallpaper 2) Designer Morgan Harrison 3) Better Homes & Gardens 4) Home Magazine 5) Coastal Living 6) Pottery Barn


Arranging Artwork

People are often intimidated by the prospect of hanging artwork. I have been in homes where there is literally nothing on the walls. Or worse, there are stacks of art leaning against the wall and they didn't just move in. I swear, I can almost smell the owner's fear! Hanging art is one of the best ways to personalize your home so don't be afraid! I think the key is to plan ahead. Gather up all of your artwork and photographs in one spot and think about where each piece will go before you start the hanging process. Here are three basic tips for arranging artwork:

-Keep the artwork in proportion to the wall (if you have a long skinny wall, try hanging the art stacked in a vertical grouping)

-Makes sure the scale of the art relates to the scale of the furniture it is hanging above (you don't want a huge art piece hanging above a tiny little table or it will just look dwarfed)

-Hang artwork in groupings that relate to each other (black and white photos in a grouping or hang different mediums of art that are framed in a similar manner like all in gold frames)

Here are some more tips and images for inspiration!

Hang artwork in a row
TIP: Note that the space between each piece of artwork (both horizontally and vertically) is the same.

Hang artwork vertically

Hang art in a grouping
TIP: If you are considering doing a large art grouping, I recommend tracing the frames out on craftpaper and arranging the paper on the wall first with painters tape so you don't end up with a million holes in your wall!

Wrap art around walls gallery style

Mix up different sized artwork within an overall group

Stack art in a vignette

Ideally you want to hang artwork at eye level for proper viewing but there are times when it can be more interesting to hang art in unexpected places.

Having a hard time filling a bookcase? Try adding art to break things up.

Draw the eye up by hanging art above a doorway

My last tip involves hardware...you have to use Ooks! It is the best product for hanging pictures straight and it doesn't damage your walls. You can also buy them locally at Michael's and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

~Images: Martha Stewart Living Decorating Details




Have a great weekend!!!

~Image: Domino


Oh, Martha

Yeah right, like this ever happens!

Martha. You either love her or hate her. Regardless, that woman has mad skills AND way too much time on her hands (as my mother always says). I think everyone has had a "Martha Moment" where we try to be super crafty or organized or innovative. Channeling your inner Martha takes a lot of work and can be frustrating as all get-out because she (and her team of thousands I imagine) make it look so easy! Case in point...I have tried a cazillion time to fold my fitted sheets like this and it NEVER looks like this. I mean NEVER, not a once.

Just in case you feel a "Martha Moment" coming on while tackling your linen closet, here are some of her helpful hints:

-Make sure everything is visible and that everyday items are easy to reach

-Out of season items like beach towels or heavy comforters should be at the top of the closet while everyday items like bed sheets should be in the middle

-Group items by category and label the shelves so items are easy to find

-Make sure all items have room to breath so they don't get damaged

-To keep antique linens from yellowing, use tissue paper to separate them from each other and don't stack them too high to prevent enticing bugs and mold

-Use zippered cloth or plastic bags to store and protect items like comforters and blankets

-Hang table lines instead of folding to prevent wrinkles

~Images and Content: Martha Stewart Good Things for Organizing


Helloooo gorgeous!

Not a bad way to start the day, huh? If you are building or remodeling try getting super creative with your bathroom elements. I have a brilliant friend who used a large piece of driftwood (stretched wall to wall) to house a clear, vessel sink in their powder room. A-ma-zing!

Try using sconces instead of vanity lights.

Add them to a piece of furniture instead of using a pre-fab vanity.

Why stop at the floors?

Add color or architectural details to make them interesting!

No glued on builder basic allowed!

Try adding baskets instead of closed cabinets to store all your bathroom essentials.

Sinks & Pluming
Mix styles-who says modern has to go with modern?

~Images: 1) Southern Accents by Suzanne Kasler 2) Designer Sara Richardson 3) House Beautiful May 2008 4) Designer Sara Richardson 5) House Beautiful 6) Elle Decor Oct 2007 7) Domino July/Aug 2006



Oly is a Berkely based company started by Brad Huntzinger and Kate McIntyre in 1999 which boasts a product line full of gorgeous home furnishings, lighting and accessories that have an updated take on classic pieces. As described by Elle Decor, Oly's look is "sexy French meets postmodern organic." Yeah, that is what I meant to say. Some of my all time favorite pieces are...

They just opened their flagship store in Manhattan. (see below) Heavenly. Coming next: jewelery, candles, fashion and even music. Er, music? Hmm. Whatever they do I am guessing it will have their signature style.

~Images: Via olystudio.com and Elle Decor