Vintage Wine Jugs

I have always collected old glass bottles which I usually select based on the age, color or even area in which it was produced. Over the last few years, I have started to collect old wine jugs mainly because I love their larger size and shape but also because of their history. Wine was originally stored in stoneware but the taste of the wine was often altered by the container. The invention of glass by the Roman Empire opened up new options for wine storage, allowing it to age and be stored for decades which enabled wine drinkers to enjoy a larger selection of wine. Most of the bottles available today are French originating around the 1930's and sell for $95 and up.

They can even be turned into lamps!

~Images: wine history via http://www.wineintro.com/history/glassware/ 1) via shelter blog 2) Southern Accents July/Aug 2007 3) Unknown 4 and 5) Coastal Living Nov 2007 6) Unknown 7) Unknown 8) sixx design 9) House Beautiful Jan 2009 10 and 11) Tom Scheerer


Sweetgrass Baskets

If you have ever traveled along Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant or visited the market in downtown Charleston, you have undoubtedly noticed the plenitude of sweetgrass baskets. An art form brought over from slaves in West Africa over 300 hundred years ago, this tradition of basket making has since been passed down from generation to generation. Originally these graceful baskets were used as working baskets on the plantations but now they are mainly coveted souvenirs for tourists.

Once a plentiful grass of the coastal dunes, sweetgrass is now difficult to cultivate due in part to the urbanization of Mt. Pleasant as well as the development of the barrier islands into resort destinations. Sadly, artisans now have to travel to Georgia or Florida to find an ample supply. Technically, sweetgrass baskets are made of several materials including pine needles to provide a contrasting color, black rush to add strength and strips of palm leaves to sew all these materials together.

Buyers Tip: The tightness in the design of the basket equates to the quality. (i.e. the tighter the pattern reflects a higher amount of workmanship involved and thus equals a higher quality basket.)

I try to support this local industry by using sweetgrass baskets when designing for my clients or as house warming gifts for friends and family. I especially like the idea of hanging them on the wall in a graphic pattern as I did here in my own home. Now I will say this is not for everyone as I tried it for a client once and she told me they looked like either dryers from a hair salon or inverted breasts hanging on her wall. Ha! Proof that clients can't always see your vision!


Worn Out!

I'm baaaack! And I feel like this old chair...way too tired and worn out for a real post. My apologies, I will get back in the groove soon. However, there is a new post over on Objects so check it out!

BTW if you want a laugh google "photos of worn out" and see which celebrities come up...

~Image: Courtesy of flickr.com


Me Likey!

Vanity is from Drexel Heritage
Fabric is from www.studiobon.net

Have a great weekend!

~Images: Southern Living June 2009


Real Simple Challenge

Real Simple came up with a challenge for some well known indusry leaders to design a room using these three items: Terri Crystal Lamp from Circa Lighting, Chin Chin trays by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and a Macau chair by Ballard Designs. Oh, what fun!

Take a look at what they came up with...

Suzanne Kasler

Susan Hable Smith of Hable Construction

Charlotte Moss

Design Team Foley and Cox

Designer Philip Gorrivan

Jamie Drake


Happy Birthday Garrett!

I wanted to wish my nephew Garrett a happy birthday! The Big 6!

Garrett is a total sweetheart. He is always making sure everyone is happy and included in everything. If one of his brother's is upset or crying he will stop what he is doing until they are alright. When my parents took him to the store (by himself) to buy whatever he wanted for his birthday, he kept picking items that his brother's wanted and ultimately decided on something that they could all play with...I mean, how cute is that? But he is not just sweet, he is super athletic, very determined, incredibly passionate and as you can tell by this photo, ridiculously handsome! When he went on a dolphin cruise with my parents, a much older woman (11) immediately flocked to him and never left his side. He was completely unaware. I have a feeling there are going to be MANY ladies lined up for G!



I am loving that anything goes in upholstered headboards these days! You can get as custom as you want with the shapes, fabrics and decorative details. What a great way to break up a room full of straight angles and all wood furniture. Hallelujah!

Try a Custom Shape...

Or a Bold Pattern...

Or with Nailheads...

Try Adding Tufting...

Or Try Thinking "Outside the Box"....

~Images: 1) Nate Berkus 2) House Beautiful Oct 2009 Designer Alessandra Branca 3) Everything Leb 4) Domino May 2006 5) Celerie Kemble 6) Tom Scheerer 7) Elle Decor 8) Southern Accents July/Aug 2007 9) Unknown 10) Unknown 11) Lee Kleinhelter 12) Tom Scheerer 13) Unknown


Green With Envy

(Walls are covered in Manila Hemp by Phillip Jeffries.)

I love this bedroom designed by Meg Braff in the current issue of House Beautiful! It inspired this post as did my friend Liz's shirt last night at supper club (I die!).
I am loving green especially paired with a nice, chrisp white! Minty fresh!

Designer Lee Kleinhelter

These last three are all by the infamous Kelly Wearstler.

Still representin' is Kelly Wearstler's Trellis Wallpaper featured in Domino Magazine.


My Abstract Thoughts

I am a big fan of abstract art. Maybe it is because my first lesson in art was in the 1980's during a class field trip to the High Museum in Atlanta. Or maybe I like that there are no rules. Perhaps it is because each piece can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the viewer. I am certain that I like the fact that despite their modern nature, abstract paintings can be worked into almost any design scheme as illustrated in the photos above.

Speaking of Atlanta, I am headed there for some family time and shopping! Going to hit up all my favorite stores for some much needed inspiration! [Any of my blogger friends have any new store/antique mall suggestions for me?] Hopefully I will have some good posts when I get back from my shopping excursions. Meanwhile, I have posts lined up while I am gone so don't panic, you won't miss a beat. (I can almost hear the collective sighs of relief around the world).

Have a great weekend!

~Images: 1) via shelter blog 2) Suzanne Kasler in Elle Decor 3) Lindsey Harper 4) House Beautiful March 2008 5) Courtney Giles 6) Celerie Kemble 7) Unknown