Design Crush: Tom Scheerer

I have such a major crush on Tom Scheerer! He is an amazing designer out of New York who creates beautiful interiors throughout the country as well as vacation homes in the islands. All of his designs look completely effortless! They are simple and uncluttered yet speak volumes. As I was going through his firm's website, I realized that many of the images I have pulled over the years and collected in my design inspiration books are creations of the famed designer. He masters something that I think all good interior designers strive to achieve which is to have no two spaces ever look the same yet still contain your signature. These are some of my personal favs but check out his full portfolio here http://www.tomscheerer.com/. Cheers to you Tom, can't wait to see what you create next!
~Images: Courtesy of Tom Scheerer


Happy Birthday Tyler!

I had to do a second post today in honor of my youngest nephew, Tyler, who is turning 4 today! Tyler is such a character and perhaps one of the funniest people I know. He is always doing something to make people laugh whether it be making a funny face, talking in a silly voice or creating a made up word. My personal favorite is "patanto" which can be defined as: thing coming out of your head i.e. on Tom and Jerry when Tom gets hit in the head with a frying pan and grows a wound out of the top of his head, that is a "patanto." Since learning this, I have used "patanto" in a sentence three times. What can I say, there needed to be a word that for that!

Tyler is already the class clown, he missed school one day and the teacher told his parents that all the kids cried that day because of his absence. I am also pretty certain that he will be some sort of entertainer. For Halloween last year he went as Fred from ScoobyDoo and was "in character" the entire week prior. And during a trip to Disney World, he got his face painted like Darth Mol (from Star Wars) and did not "break character" all day, I hear he even scared a few other children with his "evilness." I feel so lucky to have this little wonder in my life to make me laugh...Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

I Have Got To Get An iPhone!

I am still kicking myself for getting bamboozled into buying a (very expensive) Treo three days before the iPhone debuted (for less than the Treo mind you). Seriously? Ugh. And the technology on the iPhone keeps getting cooler and cooler further enticing me into Apple's web...

Most designers would agree that the interior design industry, as a whole, is a little behind the times (technologically speaking). I like to think that this is because design is such a tactile and emotional experience so it can be hard to capture the same feelings via a monitor. I know that I prefer to see, touch and feel items before recommending them to a client. Even with AutoCAD, most designers still like to use graph paper and drafting tools. I am somewhere in between, I prefer the old-school techniques yet I appreciate and experiment with all the new technology.

Last night I was reading the September issue of Traditional Home and saw that the iPhone recently debuted an app called "Ben Capture Color" where you can take a photo of an object who's color you like and within seconds you will be given an bevy of paint colors that closely match the object you photographed. Amazing! And this is a FREE download! http://www.apple.com/

Ben Capture Color App

There is also an app for interior designers (or wannabes) called "Mark on Call" which was created by L.A. based interior designer Mark Lewison. With this application, you can layout a room (to scale) then put down flooring, add architectural details and try out various furniture and appliances in the space you have created. Furthermore, you can add color, fabric, wood or stone from your own library or the applications preset options. Check out this full tutorial on You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn51PgJYO0E. Super cool! I will put this into the category "why didn't I think of that?"

Mark On Call App

Oh, and the irony is that I splurged for the Treo so that I could have a camera on my phone to take pictures while I was out on shopping excursions! I am so three years ago.
~Images: Courtesy of Apple


Feelin' Blue

My nephews are big on a few things right now: "How old are you?," "How are you related to my dad?" and "What is your favorite color?" I think they ask me these questions several times per visit. Cracks me up. My answer is always the same to all three. I am 24 (which is a lie). Your dad is my brother. And my favorite color is blue...always has been, probably because it is reminiscent of my love for the sea.

The shade of blue however, has varied over the years. As a child, I had a Williamsburg blue bedroom with a very traditional mahogany antique furniture as well as a floral comforter "set" complete with matching wall border (gag!). Then I went through a painful phase in high school where my entire wardrobe was navy (I blame The Gap because that was their signature color the few seasons I worked there). Next came the infamous royal blue LL Bean Pancho that I wore every day of college (whether it was raining or not) until my wise friend advised me to retire it...three years too late mind you. Now I would say that my favorite shade of blue is more of an aqua like the soothing Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue in my bedroom. Today I have an appreciation for all shades of blue and I am especially fond of the blues in the images above as well as the fresh, modern take on the classic blue and white color scheme!
~Images: 1) Unknown 2) Unknown but believe it is by Designer Mary McDonald 3) Deisgner Tom Scheerer 4) Ralph Lauren ad 5) Unknown 6) House Beautiful June 2001 7) House Beautiful 8) Designed by Amanda Nisbet 9) Designed by T. Keller Donovan


Put Away Your Labelmaker!

Decorative Stamp on Vintage Luggage Tag

Chalkboard Tags
Colored Coordinated Luggage Tags

Personalized Silhouette on Wood Discs
Painted Wood Letters For Each Family Member
Ok, I am probably the only one who actually uses a labelmaker on a regular basis (other than my friend Ashlea-who I just totally threw under the bus to make myself sound less crazy). While organizing for my clients, I have learned that the more visually pleasing I can make the space, the more encouraged they are to keep things tidy. Creating custom built-ins, adapting existing pieces of furniture to hide clutter, using decorative baskets and/or bins and making attractive labels are some of the tricks that I use to entice my clients to stay organized. Here are some creative ideas for personalizing labels for your organization project. Have any other ideas?
~Images: 1) Better Homes & Gardens Jan 2008 2) Designer Lee Kleinhelter in Cottage Living Nov 2007 3) Domino Feb 2009 4) Country Home Oct 2008 5) Better Homes & Gardens Jan 2008


A Classic Farm Table

Vintage Farm Table
Zinc Covered Farm Table

Table Made of Old Scaffolding
Rustic Farmhouse Table

I might be old-fashioned but I feel lucky to say that I grew up having nightly dinners at the kitchen table, together as a family. It was a time when we could all come together at the end of a long day and share the tales of our escapades whether it be discussing problems at the office, sharing what we learned in school or boasting of our accomplishments at soccer practice. Our kitchen table was not solely for dining however, it was a place where we would adorn Christmas cookies, do our homework, play board games, create arts and crafts and hide underneath on certain occasions. Knowing that this spot will soon become the epicenter of your home, it is very important to select the right table for your kitchen. A classic farm table is often a good choice because not only are they attractive and fit in with most design schemes, they usually come with some initial wear and tear so you don't have to sweat any future dings! Here are some fantastic farm tables with loads of personality. I especially love the ones that are made from reclaimed materials.
~Images: 1) Unknown 2) Southern Accents July/Aug 2007 3) Cottage Living September 2007 4) Cottage Living July/Aug 2007


Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!

Well I am back from my family vacation to Fripp Island and I should feel rested and ready to start the work week however, I am completely beat and having major vacation withdrawls! While we were at the beach, both of my parents celebrated a birthday so I wanted to give them a little shout out. I also wanted to thank them for being such wonderful and supportive parents who have always encouraged me to follow my dreams! Happy Birthday mom and dad!


I Want To Do This!

Doesn't this look fun? I love how the dog is part of the group!

After my dinner party under the tree, I want to sleep here! I am headed off to for my week long annual Griswald Family Vacation. So I will also be vacationing from posts for a while. Have a good weekend!
~Image: 1) Domino 2) Nautica ad


Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice...

I went to a baby shower for a good friend of mine on Saturday who is expecting a little girl and so I have been in a super "girly" mood all week! I adore my three nephews but boy (ha!) do I appreciate some girly-ness and let me tell you this shower was all about the pink, ruffles, bows and frills! So fun! With that being said, I don't think pink has to mean "little girl's room" as artfully displayed in these photos. Pink can be super classy when paired with grey, ultra mod when paired with purple or fantastically chic when paired with yellow. Kinda makes me want to eat some cotton candy or chew some Bubbalicious gum!
~Images: 1) Angie Hranowski 2) Designer Mary McDonald 3) Designer Phillip Gorrivan for Elle Decor 4) Traditional Home 5) Unknown


A Figurative Study

Yet another of my many obsessions is "figurative studies" (or sketches of "nude people" as an ex-boyfriend use to call them before giggling like a six year old!) . I especially love these works of art in charcoal so I scour antique markets for them because I so want to do a grouping like this in my (someday) large master bathroom. I have not had much luck finding ones that really move me and I have even bought a book entitled "How To Draw The Human Figure" and tried creating my own (not so impressive). But then I stumbled upon etsy.com one heavenly day and behold, I had hit the motherload! There are some amazing artists out there who will sell their works on the cheap. Go check it out! But don't buy any of the ones that I have my eye on (wink wink)! This last image is a work of art my dad created in a college art class and he would want everyone to know that is it technically a rendering of the statue of David (there I saved his masculinity...whew!).
~Images: 1) Unknown 2) Designer Thomas O'Brien's Master Suite 3) Southern Accents Sept/Oct 2008 4) Southern Accents March/April 2008 5) Courtesy of Roger Wagner Hanging in My Bathroom


I'm Seeing Stripes

When stripes are bad: horizontally on your clothing, on your body when you missed spots with the sunscreen or if you find yourself wearing prison garb. When stripes are good: on the American flag, Stripes: The Movie, The White Stripes (some might say) or the bold stripes in these amazing interiors! Painting stripes on a wall (or ceiling) is not for everyone but as you can see, the technique totally paid off in the rooms featured above because it was well thought out and perfectly executed. By using contrasting colors, you can create a shocking amount of interest in a room but you have to totally go for it! If a subtle look is more your style, try doing a tone on tone treatment instead. After studying these images, I am feeling daring and kinda want to go paint something totally unexpected in stripes...like the interior of my coat closet! (I know, I know, I'm W-I-L-D!)
~Images: 1) Mary McDonald's Office Featured in Domino Feb 2006 2) Mary McDonald's Domino Feb 2009 3) Unknown 4) Domino Oct 2005 5) Domino Nov 2008 6) Unknown


You're So Vain...

So I have been working hard creating my "boutique closet" (see previous post on A-ma-zing Closets in June) which includes a vanity area and I found these amazing images for inspiration. Vanities always remind me of a Hollywood starlet getting ready for her close up. I think of Doris Day in Pillow Talk, Joan Collins in Mommy Dearest (yikes!), Laura Liney in Nanny Diaries...any other iconic movies come to mind?
~Images: 1) Jennier Marsico's Vanity in Domino April 2007 2) Unknown 3) Domino April 2006 4) Cottage Living Feb 2007 5) Ashley Stark's Closet in Domino March 2006