Design Blog Superlatives

Over the weekend one of my "good friends" gave me a jab in reference to my five steps of closet organizing that I posted about last week. I can't remember what we were talking about but the gist of what she said was this "...maybe you could do it in five steps and then blog about it." It was a good jab. And very funny! Although we are good friends, I totally get that she thinks I am a complete weirdo.

However, what she fails to realize is that there are, in fact, other "weirdos" like me out there. Something I have thankfully learned in my short blogging career. I know many people think blogs are totally lame and something that only losers with no friends do on a Friday night. Or maybe they are just a way for narcissists to publish their every thought. Or perhaps blogs serve as an outlet for experts to hold their wealth of knowledge over others.

I don't think I am a loser (although I have read other design blogs on a Friday night). And I don't think that I am a narcissist (I prefer to look myself as self-confident). Nor do I think I am an expert in interior design or organizing. Do I really think that anyone cares to read what my opinion is on say how many pillows should go on a bed? No. In fact, I am shocked when people tell me they even read my blog. Honestly, I love to write and I am very passionate about design so this blog is just another creative outlet for me. I would do it if no one ever read it! (ok, so maybe I am a loser!).

But that brings me to the point of this post which is that I think the real reason bloggers blog is to connect with other people out there that are just as "weird" as they are. As I discovered yet another great design blog over the weekend and spent WAY too much time reading her old posts...I decided to highlight some of my favorite blogs in the form of high school superlatives. I hope through this that you are able to connect with some fellow "weirdos" as well.


Most Likely To Succeed (in Design)
Habitually Chic
Blogger and designer, Heather Clawson, is a stylish woman living in New York who has her hand on the pulse of the design industry providing cutting edge information for her numerous readers. She recently signed on as a featured designer with William Sonoma in their new Designer Series. I expect to see big things from her!

Best Personality
Blogger, Jen West, has a great eye for design but an even greater wit! Something that is very important when dealing with clients. Jen's blog features her fabulous finds, her current design projects as well as humorously illustrating the many highs and lows we all experience while trying to have a career as a designer. Check out her blog, I guarantee you will chuckle out loud!

Most Popular
Urban Grace Interiors
I swear blogger, Erika McPherson, can say "have a good weekend!" and get 167 comments! Her large following is in part due to her amazing design aesthetic and partly because readers genuinely care to know what she is up to! She recently had a beautiful baby girl and is nice enough to share her new found joys of motherhood with the blogging world.

Most Crafty/Creative
Little Green Notebook
Blogger, Jenny Komenda, of Pearl Street Interiors is the MacGyver of DIY projects! She does some amazing work and makes it look so simple while providing a step-by-step guide to her projects. Then you try it and realize how truly talented she really is!

Best Dressed
Element of Style
Blogger, Erin Gates, an interior, fashion and events stylists has great taste in all of the above! I love how she creates "virtual outfits" for us to drool over and especially like when she sources all of the great pieces for the rest of us to duplicate!

Most Likable
Chic Coles
A family of bloggers (mom Wendy and three daughters Cassandra, Melissa and Leslie) for starters, how do you not like that? These ladies are faithful bloggers with fabulous posts full of design images, information and inspiration. And they always leave the sweetest notes on my blog, so big thanks for that!

Most Photogenic
House of Turquoise
I keep thinking, how is she gonna find any more "blue" photos and she yet never disappoints! Blogger, Erin Olson, shares her passion for design and all things turquoise (or any shade of blue for that matter) on her delightful blog full of inspirational interior images!

Most Artistic
Style Court
Blogger, Courtney Barnes, showcases her background in art history with a well-written blog offering its readers a wealth of information on interior design, art, decorative books and more! She has already received accolades for her wonderful blog and as I suspect, there are many more to come!

Best Looking (Blog)
Two Ellie
Paula, has the most visual appealing blog filled with little bits of design, food, fashion, crafts, weddings and fantastic photos of her beautiful family. Although I only know her through the blogging world, she seems like such a genuine person who through her posts, reminds us all what a blessing life can be!

Most Likely to Skip Class to go Surfing
Beach Bungalow8
Bloggers, Megan Samuels is a California based stager and interior designer. Her blog hosts a unique design forum called "the skirted round table" (along with Joni Webb of Cote de Texas and Linda Merrill of ::surroundings::) where they discuss many industry related topics. But perhaps it is her weekly posts entitled "Peace Out" filled with whimsical images that sparked their superlative. Regardless, you will be entertained by this fun yet informative blog!


  1. What a fun way to showcase your favorite blogs! It is truly an honor for House of Turquoise to be on the list (especially to be considered most photogenic!) Thanks a million!

  2. I'm flattered! I was voted Life of the Party in high school. Some things never change. Thanks!

  3. Hi Sidney, I'm so flattered to be included and I love my "title". Thank you!


  4. Well thanks to all of you...I really enjoy reading your lovely blogs!

    Take care,

  5. What a fun and clever idea for an awards series! Great choices...I completely agree :)


  6. Thanks Crystal! I had fun coming up with them!

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  8. Thank you Ravi, I will check it out!